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Our campuses are facilitated by the world-class infrastructure for academic and co-curricular activities. Our aesthetically and ergonomically designed classrooms make learning easier by removing physical hindrances and ensure that students are focused on learning.

Equipped with modern infrastructures like Digi-boards, Science Lab, Robotics Lab. We enable every child to explore new ideas and learn through hands-on experiences. The campuses also offer facilities like swimming pools, skating rinks and play areas that extend learning beyond classrooms.


Our campuses include state-of-the-art libraries and digital libraries stocked with a variety of books offering a myriad of knowledge. Special libraries designated to primary and pre-primary students have also been provided.

At ORCHIDS, we offer the best-in-class infrastructure, incorporating the latest technology. All our classrooms are ‘Smart-classes’ equipped with digiboards to enhance classroom learning through advanced methods.

The school canteen offers a variety of delicious and high nutrient food. Fast food is strictly prohibited as per our Health and Nutrition Program. Our kitchens are well-maintained in terms of hygiene and safety, delivering fresh meals everyday made of quality ingredients.