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Child Safety

At ORCHIDS, we ensure a safe and secure environment for every child through comprehensive security measures and the implementation of technology.

Since Safety is a priority at ORCHIDS, we have assigned only FEMALE teachers till Grade V. Parents with verified ID Cards only are given the permission to enter and exit the school premises to drop and pick their wards. The classroom doors are without locks to ensure every teacher is able to access the child in any situation.

  • Only FEMALE teachers till Grade V
  • Parent Identification
  • Classrooms door without locks

 The school premises are guarded by 360° surveillance through CCTV cameras to record and assess each day’s activities. The Entry and Exit are controlled by the Security department which consists of highly qualified and trained staff. We have a properly planned arrival and dispersal program to maneuver the children to their respective buses or guardians.

  • 360° surveillance through CCTV
  • Trained security guards
  • Guarded arrival and dispersal program

 We consistently organize Periodic Emergency Drills for various natural disasters, including FIRE Drills to prepare our students in case of any crisis. We have fire exit charts prepared which are practiced and engraved in our student’s minds through these drills. A thorough background check on every staff is maintained for a secure environment for the child.

  • Background check on every staff
  • Periodic Emergency Drills
  • Fire Compliance

From the moment our students leave their homes, we ensure their safety. The buses are equipped with GPS for the parents to keep a track of their child’s location. The GPS also updates the parents if a bus exceeds speed limits on his route. We conduct daily Breath analyzer Tests of our drivers to prevent drunk and driving at all costs.

To ensure additional safety, we make sure that each and every bus consists of at least one female staff. This works as extra protection for the children with an adult’s guided help and support.

  • GPS equipped buses
  • Breath analyzer Tests for bus drivers
  • Female Staff on every bus
  • ID Verification for Parents visit, pick and drop.