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Admissions Open for 2021-22 | 15 campuses in Bangalore

Asian Education Leadership Award
Olympiad Prep | Public Speaking program | Arts, Dance & Music| STEM | Robotics | Self Defense

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    • Academic Excellence

    • External & Internal Olympiad prep

    • 100% pass percentage across 10 schools

    • Individual attention with weekly assessments

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    • Application based learning

    • Maths, Science, EVS kits for all grades.

    • No bags day once a week, robotics curriculum

    • Taught by IITians for secondary – OCFP

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    • Holistic Development

    • Taekwondo, Skating, Volleyball, Football etc.

    • Focus on life skills like public speaking, speech

    • Dance, music, theatre performance

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    • Individual attention

    • Parent app and portal, PTA committee’s etc.

    • Central monitoring of student’s performance

    • Each class with two teachers, 1:15 teacher - student ratio

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    • Safe Campus

    • Only female staff till Grade V

    • GPS equipped buses with female staff

    • CCTV surveillance, Parent ID cards, staff background checks etc.

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    • World Class Infrastructure

    • Dance, music studio’s, skating rinks

    • Digitally equipped smart classrooms

    • Labs, library, Play areas and play grounds etc.

School Admissions in Bangalore
Trusted by 25k parents

Orchids the International School, one of the top emerging Schools in Bangalore, provides quality education at an affordable fee structure.Equipped with world-class infrastructure, creating an environment conducive for efficient learning, the school invites applications for school admissions this year. Our branches in Bengaluru are located at

  • Sarjapur Road (CBSE Affiliation No: 830782)
  • Panathur Main Road
  • CV Raman Nagar
  • Horamavu
  • BTM Layout (CBSE Affiliation No: 830679)
  • Bannerghatta
  • JP Nagar (CBSE Affiliation No: 830354)
  • Vijayanagar(CBSE Affiliation No:830913)
  • Majestic
  • Mahalakshmi Layout (1Km From Iskcon)
  • Nagarbhavi(CBSE Affiliation No: 830694)
  • Mysore Road (CBSE Affiliation No: 830678)
  • Jalahalli (CBSE Affiliation No: 830669)
  • Sahakar Nagar (ICSE Affiliation No: KA 110)
  • Yelahanka
  • Orchids the International School, one of the best schools in Bangalore, provides world-class education at an affordable fee structure
  • Within a short span of time, we have gained recognition mainly due to the meticulous, eclectic educational philosophy we propagate
  • Safety is the utmost priority at Orchids, and the school is well-equipped with world-class infrastructure
  • The admission procedure is completely hassle-free, facilitated by our efficient counsellors
  • Taking care to nourish and polish the natural talents of children by encouraging them to participate in various competitions and activities

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ORCHIDS Quick Facts

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Our Specialities

Early Year Program ( Pre-Nursery to Grade II )

  • Stimulating the intellectual curiosity of children through specially designed methods and techniques
  • Blending theoretical knowledge with real-life experiences by arranging field trips and various practical activities
  • Boosts stamina, endurance and physical fitness through various activities enhances Kinaesthetic Learning and motor skills development
  • The EYP program focuses on areas such as Literacy, Numeracy and Environmental awareness
Nurturing Curiosity & Imagination
School Admissions in bangalore

Primary Program

  • We focus on building the conceptual understanding of children, thus building a strong foundation
  • We stress on diverse areas like English reading and comprehension, Language development, Mathematics and Environmental Science
  • We also put additional stress on the introductory subject of Robotics, with an eye on making children adapt with the future
  • This would eventually pave the way for future academic success
Strengthening Fundamentals
School Admissions in bangalore

Secondary Program

  • Here we prepare children with advanced teaching and learning methods
  • International standards are assured while following the CBSE/ICSE Curriculum
  • Upgraded curriculum for Robotics with Robotics kits
  • We have IIT graduates guiding children for various competitive exams like AIPMT, JEE, CLAT etc
s Preparing for Higher Education
School Admissions in bangalore

Admission procedure

  • This is done by submitting an inquiry or filling an online school admission form on our website
  • Parents can also schedule a school campus visit over a phone call with our counsellor
  • If you visit our nearest branch, our admission counsellor will guide you regarding the admission procedure
  • Application for new admission in school is a hassle-free process, where parents can be assured about having a smooth procedure. Benefits
Hassle-free Admission Procedure
School Admissions in bangalore


  • World-class infrastructure is directly proportional to efficiency in learning
  • We have incorporated Smartboards, Science labs and Robotics lab, where each child can develop and explore his/ her ideas about various subjects
  • We also have a well- equipped library, Skating rinks, Basketball courts, Playgrounds, Swimming pools and Music rooms, effectively bridging the gap between and academics and extracurricular activities
  • • By creating an environment conducive to better learning, we are guiding children into their destinations
Equipped with World Class Infrastructure
School Admissions in bangalore

Personal Attention and Safety

  • Safety is given the highest preference at Orchids, so we have the entire campuses under CCTV Surveillance
  • We have only female teachers till class 5
  • We believe in constant interactions between parents and children as we have a dedicated parent app for the same
  • At Orchids we have counsellors at our disposal, creating a healthy environment for children
Parent App & Involvement, Safe Campus
School Admissions in bangalore

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Orchids the International School, which has been at the forefront of providing education for several years, offers quality education at an affordable fee structure. Spreading its wings all over India, Orchids has campuses in five cities, catering to the requirements of children. With its eclectic mix of ideas, derived from Western pedagogies and Indian educational systems Orchids has developed an in-built educational Philosophy, aiming at the organic, holistic development of children.

By integrating contemporary teaching methods in its repertoire, aided by experts with vast knowledge in their areas, Orchids has found its place among the best schools in Bangalore. With its in-built educational Philosophy, known by the acronym of SHARPER, Orchids strive to inculcate values such as Self- discipline, Hard work, Reflective and Indicative thinking in Children.

School admission for our school starts with submitting an inquiry or an online form from our website. Parents can also arrange a school visit over the phone with any of our counselors or can visit the nearest branch. The School admission criteria go like this-: We conduct baseline assessment tests, for grade 3 students, which can be taken as a point from which future measurements and predictions can be made. It can also be taken to measure the quality of education the institution is providing, which is done by comparing a child’s performance with their earlier baseline assessment results. The School admission process is completely hassle-free as we have made it smooth.

As a school founded on the idea of the natural developments of children, Orchids arrange field trips, with an eye on blending theoretical knowledge with real-life experiences. Following a hands-on approach, using visual aids and special kits, we aim the all-round development of children. We employ methods such as storytelling, in-house decodable books (Sound crackers), Phonetics, Vibrant Puppets, Picture and letter cards. We intend to lay a strong foundation for basic subjects by employing innovative educational methods. To adopt children for a more advanced, technology-driven world, we have also incorporated Robotics as part of the curriculum,

Bridging Academic and extracurricular activities might pose a serious challenge. In this regard, we have intra-orchids competitions such as Junior Einstein, Junior Ramanujan, Speakathon etc, designed to polish and nurture the natural talents of children. We also encourage activities such as Basketball, Swimming, Football etc. To channelize the creative energies of children, we also organize activities like music, dance, theatre etc.

The main aim of education should be to guide children towards their preferred destinations, by discovering their inborn talents and nurturing them. In this aspect, Orchids provides the best environment where children can follow the path of self- exploration and soar high to their horizons of dreams


What are the grades offered by Orchids?
Orchids offer qualitative education for children from the pre-primary levels to higher secondary
Is Orchids a co-ed school?
Yes! Orchids is a co-ed school
What are the transportation facilities offered by Orchids?
Yes. Buses are available for all the branches
What are the sports activities available at Orchids?
At Orchids, we have various activities like Basketball, Skating, and Swimming etc
Age criteria for Joining Orchids?
At the age of joining of Pre- Nursery, the kid should be at least 2.5 years old
Is there any qualifying exam at Orchids?
We conduct a baseline assessment test for grade 3 students to select the best among them.
What are the safety measures at Orchids?
All the campuses are under CCTV surveillance and only female teachers are allowed to teach till class 5.
What are the school timings?
From 8.30 A.M. to 3.00 P.M ( Monday to Friday)
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