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Why Orchids

Orchids The International School is at the top of the pedestal, with two decades of academic rigor, sports excellence, and world-class facilities. With 90+ schools across 25+ cities in India, we are touching 75k+ lives and shaping their minds. Orchids The International School turns learning into a joyful experience with the SHARPER philosophy and a hands-on learning approach. SHARPER is our guiding light: self-discipline, hard work, applied science, research, physical fitness, exposure, and reflective thinking.

Our little champs grow in a safe (24x7 CCTV surveillance) and friendly environment with their peers from diverse backgrounds. Best-in-class infrastructure with air-conditioned and wifi-enabled boarding houses facilitate our students with a nutritious and balanced diet. Our residents are encouraged to explore their interests through diverse and engaging activities like swimming pool, robotics lab, DIY lab, and more. We also introduce financial literacy, digital literacy, robotics, and other subjects.


ORCHIDS The International School's Campus


ORCHIDS The International School's Cities


ORCHIDS The International School's Teachers


ORCHIDS The International School's Students




EYP Curriculum

  • Conceptual Learning

  • Literacy and Numeracy

  • Kinesthetic Learning & Motor Skill Development

  • Experiential Learning

  • Environmental Awareness

Primary Curriculum

  • Literacy & Language Skills

  • Mathematics

  • A regional language

  • Environment Science

  • Information and Communication Technology

  • Physical education

Secondary Curriculum

  • Field Trips

  • Lessons in Robotics

  • Advanced concepts through Innovation

  • Rigorous preparation for Grade X milestone

  • Well-planned lessons, assessment & reward system


  • An air-conditioned and WIFI-enabled hostel.

  • Intellectual, safe, and residential environment.

  • Supervision under the inhouse principal


  • Safe and secure environment for every child through comprehensive security measures and technology implementation

  • CCTV surveillance

  • Online Classes and student assessment


  • For the exposure and enhancement of students interest

  • Dance room and Music rooms decked up with various musical instruments

  • Theater for the best staging experience