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Why Orchids

With two decades of academic rigour, excellence in sports, and world-class facilities, Orchids The International School stands top on the pedestal. With 90+ schools across 25+ cities in India, we are touching 75k+ lives and shaping their minds. Orchids is turning learning into a joyful effort with SHARPER philosophy and a hands-on learning approach. SHARPER is our guiding light: self-discipline, hard work, applied science, research, physical fitness, exposure, and reflective thinking.

Our little champs grow in a safe and friendly environment where best-in-class infrastructure with air conditioned and wifi enabled boarding house, nutritious & balanced diet, swimming pool, robotics lab, DIY labs, and many more contribute to the child’s overall growth. We prepare them for an ever-changing world by introducing financial literacy, digital literacy, robotics, and other subjects from their early years. These practices help children thrive and embrace the real world. We always prioritise safety! 24x7 CCTV surveillance inside the campus and expert, attentive staff ensuring their security inside the school make Orchids Boarding School the ideal choice for your child's education.


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Playschool curriculum

  • Creating an environment to encourage curiosity and cognitive thinking.

  • Empowering students with 360° development.

  • Enhancing confidence with special activities such as Public Speaking.

Primary Curriculum

  • Emphasis on improving the conceptual understanding of core subjects.

  • Thematic and integrated learning to explore lessons outside the textbook.

  • Introduction to language training, logical reasoning, and creative writing.

Secondary Curriculum

  • Introduction of advanced learning modules such as robotics.

  • Inclusion of comprehensive subject kits designed by IITs and Ph.D. holders.

  • Focus on competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, CLAT, etc., with ORCHIDS Career Foundation Program.


  • An air-conditioned and WIFI-enabled hostel.

  • Intellectual, safe, and residential environment.

  • Supervision under the inhouse principal


  • Safe and secure environment for every child through comprehensive security measures and technology implementation

  • CCTV surveillance

  • Online Classes and student assessment


  • For the exposure and enhancement of students interest

  • Dance room and Music rooms decked up with various musical instruments

  • Theater for the best staging experience