Extempore Competition


“English is the perfect language for preachers because it allows you to talk until you think of what you say.”

One has rightly said “for Effective Extempore speaking of candidate must be fluent erudite and articulate “And extempore speech is a impromptu speech which the candidate is required to make on a topic there and then.

OIS plans various activities to cater to the all round development of their students often reveal what they have long hidden and would be otherwise reluctant to divulge. With the same objective and inter school extempore competition was organised at Malad OIS. In an asscociation with Virar Vasai Sahoday School Complex (VVSC) on 28th September, 2017.

There were 4-5 schools from the west Mumbai from Vasai Virar etc. Students were from under 14 and under 19. Under 14 there were 21 participants and under 19 16 participants. It was an individual activity. Four students from each school were selected. OISK had four students participating –

Advika. P – 7 A

Sanskruti. J – 8 A

Arnab. S – 5 B

Devashish. B – 6 B

Media, education, food, being invisible for a day were some of the topics among many more. The participants were given 5 minutes time to prepare themselves for the selected topic. They have only 3 minutes to deliver the speech. At 2 minutes a short bell was rung and if the child exceeds the time of 3 minutes a long bell was rung. The participants were judged on the basis of confidence, fluency,relevance to the topic, body language and overall impact.

We really appreciate the OISM for providing children such a wonderful platform to disclose their hidden talent potentials.

We are very pleased to see the immense talent and fantastic impromptu rehearsed speeches of the participants.