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Learning Beyond

We offer students learning opportunities to enhance their knowledge beyond their textbooks in order to establish an inclusive and diverse learning experience for students. It has class-specific and subject-based information structured in a detailed manner. Learning Beyond allows children to understand how they can apply these subjects in their day-to-day lives. Moreover, it has many advantages for students’ learning outside the classroom.


The objective of learning beyond the classroom is to encourage the child's mind to relate mathematical concepts with real life. The application of maths in different subjects like geography, economics, and science are explained with relevant questions and appropriate answers. Application-based questions will help the learners to check their ability to think beyond books and get a firm grip on the subject.

Learning science beyond the classroom checks for understanding of the concept in a real-life application. All the probable questions that ignite a child’s scientific curiosity have been incorporated along with their appropriate answers. Additional fact based questions are also included to enhance the learner’s knowledge.



This subject mainly deals with the changes we see and feel around us. Relevant questions and answers that further bring clarity to a learner’s understanding of what is happening around them have been compiled in this section. Students will be able to think beyond the straightforward questions.

As the need for an inclusive learning experience has increased in recent times, learning beyond the classroom is a solution for a pragmatic learning approach. In English, learning beyond helps students understand the application of concepts in real life situations through the inquiry method. Students are given a chance to learn the practical usage of the language in their real life situations.