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2D and 3D Shapes in Classroom for Class 2 Maths

This concept will help the students relate to the classroom objects with 2d shapes and 3 d shapes. For example, they analyze geometrical shapes and understand heavy and light things. Also, they learn to identify horizontal and vertical lines.

Classrooms are found in schools. A classroom is a room where students learn, and it contains desks and chairs. Students are seated on chairs in the school. In the classroom, students are taught by their teacher. A big desk and table were also present for the teachers.


There are different types of objects present in a classroom.

There are the following types of objects we can see in a classroom:


Objects in the classroom are present in different shapes:


Also, different types of lines are present in the classroom’s objects:


The weight of various objects in a classroom is different:


Tally Marks

Question 1:

In a classroom, some chalks are on the table shown in the picture below. Observe the picture and make a tally mark on it.

  1. Find the total number of chalks.
  2. Find the difference between the blue and green colour chalk.

Answers 1:

  1. Total number of chalks
    = 4 + 5 + 7 + 3 + 10
    = 29
  2. the difference between the blue and green colour chalk
    = 10 – 4
    = 6

2d Shapes

Question 2:

There is a blackboard in the classroom. Find out the sleeping line and standing line from the given picture.


Also, fill in the blank by observing the image.

  1. Name of the shape ___________
  2. Number of sides ____________
  3. Number of corners _____________

Answers 2:

  1. Name of the shape Rectangle.
  2. Number of sides 4.
  3. Number of corners 4.

2d and 3d Shapes

Question 4:

Match the following shape with the given objects from the classroom and identify the shape name.


Answers 4:


Question 5:

In a classroom teacher ask to identify the faces, corners, and edges of the given objects:


Answers 5:

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