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A cable-assisted hydraulic machine that helps people transport to different floors or levels is called an elevator or lift easily. From the below discussion, we will know who invented the elevator and how elevators work. In this discussion, we connected the elevator with the concepts of counting numbers, ordinal numbers, addition and subtraction.

What is Elevator?

An elevator is typically an electric-based machine. We see an elevator or lift in the building. We use the elevator or lift to go from one floor to another floor. Instead of using a staircase, we can go faster by elevator.

Most common elevators are rectangular, but sometimes in malls and offices, we can see round shapes elevators also.


Who Invented the Elevator?

The elevator was first invented by Archimedes using hydraulic pressure. But the modern safety passenger lift was invented by Elisha Graves Otis in 1853.

How Do Elevator Work?

round buttonIf we press the circular button, sometimes it’s a red button, and the elevator door will be open.

an upward triangleUpward-facing triangular button shows that the elevator is going upward direction.


downward triangleDownward facing triangular button shows that the elevator is going downward direction.

Elevator Capacity

Each elevator has a different capacity. The elevator's capacity means how many people can go by at a time. Instruction about the power of the elevator is always written outside the lift. If people more than its capacity enter the elevator, it will not move.

elevator capacity

Inside the elevator, there were some buttons mentioned numbers on them. Floor numbers are mentioned on the buttons inside the elevator. The elevator will stop at the floor of the number you have pressed.

the number plate

So, it is very easy to use the elevator. But use the elevator carefully!

Counting Numbers

Question 1:

Below Are Some Groups. They Want to Go by Lift Together. Let Help Them to Choose the Correct Lift.

elevator images

Answer 1:

Observe the capacity of each lift and count the number of people in each group. The correct answer is:

elevator images

Addition and Subtraction

Question 2:

Answer the Following Questions.

a) There Are 9 People on the Ground Floor. They Go Together by the Lift. 3 People Left the Lift on the 1st Floor. The Remaining People Are Left on the 2nd Floor. How Many People Are Left on the 2nd Floor?

b) There Are 4 Kids in the Lift on the 3rd Floor. Some Kids Entered the Lift on the 4th Floor. Now There Is a Total of 7 Kids in the Lift. How Many Kids Entered the Lift on the 4th Floor?

c) 4 People Are There in the Lift. On the Next Floor, 2 People Entered the Lift. How Many Total People Are There in the Lift Now?

d) There Are 5 Floors in the Building. From the Ground Floor, the Lift Carries 2 People on Each Floor. No One Has Left the Lift. How Many Total People Will Be There on the 5th Floor?

Answer 2:

  1. On the ground floor = 9 people
    On the 1st floor = 3 people left
    Remaining people = 9 – 3 = 6 people
    On the 2nd floor = 6 people left
    So, on the 2nd floor, 6 people left the lift.

  2. On the 3rd floor = 4 kids
    On the 4th floor = 7 kids
    On the 4th floor entered kids = 7 – 4 = 3
    3 kids entered the lift on the 4th floor.

  3. Number of people in the lift = 4
    On the next floor = 2 people entered
    Total number of people = 4 + 2 = 6 people
    There is a total of 6 people in the lift now.

  4. Total number of floors = 5
    From the ground floor, the lift carries 2 people on each floor.
    Ground floor = 2 people
    1st floor = 2 + 2 = 4 people
    2nd floor = 4 + 2 = 6 people
    3rd floor = 6 + 2 = 8 people
    4th floor = 8 + 2 = 10 people
    5th floor = 10 + 2 = 12 people
    12 people will be there on the 5th floor.

Ordinal Numbers

Question 3:

Solve the Following Questions.

  1. elevator images
  2. elevator images
  3. elevator images
  4. elevator images

Answer 3:

If the lift is going upward, make the addition. If the lift is going downward, make the subtraction.

  1. A boy is on the 5th floor; he goes 3 floors upward. He reaches at: 5 + 3 = 8th floor
  2. elevator images
  3. A girl is on the 8th floor. She goes 5 floors downward.
    She reaches 8 – 5 = 3rd floor.
  4. elevator images
  5. A girl is on the ground floor; she goes 11 floors upward.
    She reaches 0 + 11 = 11th floor
    (A ground floor is considered as the 0th floor.)
  6. elevator images
  7. A girl is on the 3rd floor; she goes 3 floors downward.
    She reaches 3 – 3 = 0th floor.
    The ground floor is considered the 0th floor.
  8. elevator images

Question 4:

Answer the Following Questions.

a) 7 People Are Standing in a Queue to Go in the Lift. But the Capacity of the Elevator Is 4 People. Can They Go Inside the Elevator Altogether? If Not, How Can They Go?

b) There Were 3 People in the Lift on the 9th Floor. 1 Person Went Out of the Lift on the 7th Floor. On the 6th Floor, 2 People Entered the Lift. On The 5th Floor, 2 People Went Out of The Lift. The Remaining People Went Out on The Ground Floor. After That, How Many People Went Out on The Ground Floor? Also, Complete the Following Blanks.

elevator images

Answer 4:

  1. Number of people standing in a queue = 7
    Capacity of elevator = 4 people
    That means up to 4 people can go together by elevator.
    All people can’t go inside the elevator altogether.
    So, People can go either one of the following ways:
  2. elevator images
  3. If people were going out from the lift, make a subtraction and if
    people entered the lift, make an addition.
    By the given information, the correct answer is:
elevator images

After 2 people leave the lift on the ground floor, the lift will be empty.

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