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Birthday Greeting Card for a Friend in English for Class 1

Students will learn to write greeting card messages for their friend’s birthdays. The students can use the new vocabulary to describe their wishes while creating a card.

I. How To Create a Beautiful Birthday Greeting Card?

  1. What Is a Birthday Card?

    We often give people handmade greeting cards for birthdays with a picture and good wishes written on them.

  2. Why Do We Make Beautiful Birthday Greeting Card?

    We make them for our friends, family members or people who are very close to us to show how much we care for them. When a family member or friend receives a birthday card, they will be very happy. It will help them realise how much they mean to you that you still remember their birthday.

  3. What Should We Include in a Birthday Card?

    There are several things we can add to a birthday greeting card. We should know how to convey our message in a proper way so that the person will really love the card.

    • Think about who the card is for – First we have to decide whom we are sending the card. Is it for a friend, a teacher, parents or siblings? Take a couple of minutes to think about the person, your relationship with that person, what he or she likes if you have any memorable moment with that person or anything you want to mention that makes him or her happy.
    • Write personal birthday wishes messages –Start by mentioning the name of the person at the top left corner. There you will write your wishes for them or tell them how much they are important to you. You can also mention all the happy memories you both have spent together and wish them the best for next year too! Since it is for a birthday, you should never forget to say, "Happy Birthday" somewhere inside the card!
    • Design it- The best thing about making handmade greeting cards for birthday is that you can be creative with it. You can design it exactly the way you want.
    • handmade-birthday-cards
    • Sign in the card – You can conclude your card by including your full name, first name, or whatever the receiver knows you by.
    • format-birthday-card-1
  4. What Birthday Messages Should You Write?

    You might make the card for your parents, siblings, friends or your close relatives. You can write the following messages in your card:
    For a friend - “Happy Birthday to my dearest friend! I wish this is the beginning of the best year for you. Enjoy your day.”
    For a family - “Happy Birthday Dad/Mom! I am truly lucky to have such a loving, caring, and kind father/mother like you.”
    For a sibling – “Happy Birthday to my lovely sister. You’ve taught me many things. You’re the best sister ever!”

II. Proper Nouns Used in a Greeting Card

A name given as a special name to a particular person, animal, place or thing is called a proper noun.


1. How Can We Use Proper Nouns To Create a Birthday Card?


First, we use it to mention the person (at the top left corner) whom we are sending it.
Second, a proper noun can also be used in the body part where we include a personal message. We might want to write the name of the person we are sending.

Third, we have to use it at the end when we sign it.



III. Describing words

Words that are used to describe or give more information about a person, place, animal or object.


1. How Can We Use Describing Words To Write a Message on a Birthday Card?


We use describing words to talk about the person we are sending it to.


  1. Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister
  2. I am truly luck to have such a loving, caring, motivating and kind father like you.

IV. Pronouns

A pronoun is used in place of a noun. Pronouns also refer to a noun that has already been mentioned in a sentence to avoid repetition.


1. How Can We Use Pronouns To Write a Message on a Birthday Card?


Sometimes we use pronouns in a message so that we don’t have to write the person’s name repetitively.


  1. You’re the best sister ever!
  2. I wish this is the beginning of the best year for you.

V. Try it Yourself

Let’s make a greeting card for a friend for his or her birthday. Make sure you write a short message in it.

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