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Emojis Images for Class 1 Maths

Emojis are small images used to express emotions funnily. There are different types of emojis. In this discussion, we will show how the students can relate the concepts of counting numbers, comparing numbers, pictographs, data handling and 2d shapes with math emojis.

What Emojis Mean

We use various emojis daily on social media platforms, messaging apps, and websites. These emojis are Ideograms. Ideogram is a virtual symbol that indicates any concept or Idea.

The word ‘EMOJI’ has the original meaning of Pictograph.

Emoji images

The word comes from the Japanese word ‘e + moji’ (絵 + 文字), which stands for –


Different Types of Emojis

Emoji are used to express emotions or any irony rather than typing it in text. There are more than hundreds of emojis. Emojis are available in various categories–

Facial expressions - different types of emojis

Games - different types of emojis

Foods - different types of emojis

Vehicles - different types of emojis

Common objects - different types of emojis

Animals - different types of emojis

Types of weather - different types of emojis

Fact About Emojis

In 2015, Oxford Dictionaries declared the word of the year, which is not a word but an emoji. That word is a ‘face with tears of joy emoji.

Laughing Emoji

So, by using emojis, we can communicate better and more effectively.

Data Table

Question 1:

Mom Has Sent a List to Minu on Her Mobile to Bring Some Fruits from the Market. Help Her to Decide What Kind of Fruit to Get. Also, Find the Total Number of Fruits.

mobile images

a) Make a Table for the Number of Fruits.

Name of the fruit The number of fruit

b) What Fruits Does Minu Want to Bring the Most?

c) What Fruits Does Minu Want to Bring the Least?

d) How Many Apples Does Minu Want to Bring More Than Watermelon?

e) How Many Least Bananas Does Minu Want to Bring Than Mushrooms?

Answer 1:

  1. Make a table for the number of fruits.
  2. Name of the fruit The number of fruit
    Mango 6
    Apple 10
    Mushroom 12
    Watermelon 3
    Banana 8
    Pineapple 2
    Strawberry 15
  3. What fruits does Minu want to bring the most?
    The biggest number on the list is 15
    Minu wants to bring more strawberries.
  4. What fruits does Minu want to bring the least?
    The smallest number in the list = 2
    Minu wants to bring lesser pineapples.
  5. How many more apples does Minu want to bring than watermelon?
    Number of Apples = 10
    Number of Watermelons = 3
    10 – 3 = 7
    Minu needs to bring 7 more apples than the watermelon.
  6. How many least mango does Minu want to bring than bananas?
    Number of mangoes = 6
    Number of bananas = 8
    8 – 6 = 2
    Minu needs to bring 2 more bananas than mangoes.

Two Dimensional Shapes

Question 2:

Match the Emoji With Their Exact Shape.

Match the emojis with shapes

Answer 2:

Match the column. The correct answer is:

Matched the emojis with shapes


Question 3:

Sam Counted How Many Cars of What Colour Were Passing Through the Street Outside His House. According to His Information, Make Your Pictograph by Using Emojis.

He Counted 6 Red Cars, 5 Blue Cars, 9 Green Cars, 2 Black Cars and 1 White Car Passing By on the Road.

  1. What Colour Vehicles Were Most Passed By on the Road?
  2. What Colour Vehicles Were Most Passed By on the Road?
  3. How Many Total Cars Did Sam Count?

Answer 3:

Sam counted how many cars of what colour were passing through the street outside his house.

He counted 6 red cars, 5 blue cars, 9 green cars, 2 black cars and 1 white car passing by on the road.


Number of cars passed by the road

Cars Number of cars
Red car images
blue car images
Green car images
Black car images
White car images
  1. What colour vehicles were most passed by on the road?
    Green colour cars were most passed by on the road.
  2. What colour vehicles were least passed by on the road?
    White colour car was the least number of cars passed by on the road.
  3. How many total cars did Sam count?
    6 + 5 + 9 + 2 + 1 = 23
    Sam counted total 23 cars.

Comparing Numbers

Question 4:

Here Is a List of Emojis Which Are Used in 5 Days in an Account. Select Those Emojis That Are Used in the Greatest Number and Least Number.

different types of emojis

Answer 4:The correct answer is

different types of emoji images

Addition and Subtraction

Question 5:

  1. Solve the Following Puzzles.
  2. apples images 1 Apple

    apples images = …. Apples

    Eaten apple images = …. Apples

  3. Kids image = 2 Girls

    Kids image = …. Girls

  4. cars image = 4 People Can Travel by 1 Car

    cars image = = …. People Can Travel by …. Cars

Answer 4:

  1. apple images = 1 Apple

    apple images = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1

    = 5 Apples

    3 apples were eaten.

    Eaten apple images = 2 Apples remaining

  2. Kids image = 2 Girls

    Kids image = 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 Girls

  3. cars image = 4 people can travel by 1 car

    cars image = 4 + 4 people can travel by 2 cars

  4. = 8 people travel by 2 cars

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