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Essay on My Elder Sister in English

Students will be equipped to describe their sister and write at length on the topic ‘Essay on My sister’. Make a note of the concepts used to draft an essay. The student should write an essay on the topic after revising the points below. They will be able to write the essay using pronouns, opposite words and describing words.

I. How to Talk About Your Sister?

A sister is a very special person who can be both your guide and your best friend. She might not be the most intelligent, most talented, or the ideal sibling. She is the one person you can completely rely on. She is the one that can make you giggle and cheer you up when you are upset. She is always there for you to support and encourage you. She can effortlessly make you feel great.

Write an essay following the below points to convey how much your sister means to you.

Role of Women in Society
  1. Give a Brief Introduction about Your Sister.
  2. Role of Women in Society

    Begin your essay by writing your sister’s name, age, and the name of the school or college she attends. Try to provide more information about her. For instance, you can mention whether she is your elder or younger sister, what her daily routine is, and her hobbies, likes and dislikes. If she is working, give a brief description of her job.

  3. Write about Her Hobbies.
  4. Every person has their own hobbies and interests. It can be reading books, watching movies, travelling, cooking, gardening, listening to music, playing different sports, etc. You probably know about your sister’s hobbies and interests because sisters know each other very closely. Mention all of them in your essay.

  5. Write One or Two Good and Bad Qualities of Your Sister:
  6. People have different types of personality traits, and some of them can be either positive or negative. Your sister also has a few good and bad qualities. You can mention them in your essay. Her good qualities include the way she treats you or your elders. She might be very good in a certain field like singing, dancing, or any other activity, she might help you with your studies, etc. The bad qualities can be she may snore when she sleeps, or she might tease you in front of your parents. You can mention all of them while drafting your essay.

  7. Write How You and Your Sister Spend Time with Each Other:
  8. There is a list of fun activities sisters do together to spend time together. Sisters usually spend quality time watching movies, going for a long walk, cooking meals, playing games, etc. Mention the things you both do together in your essay.

  9. Sample: Essay on My Elder Sister
  10. I have an elder sister. Her name is Saheli Mitra. She is 5 years older than me. She is very taller than me. She is in the sixth standard. She is the only sibling I have

    We get to spend a lot of time together because we attend the same school. After school, we spend the evenings playing together. On weekends, we make plans and spend quality time with each other by watching movies, cooking meals, etc. We share all of our secrets with one another and have a lot in common. She is fond of singing and drawing. My sister is very smart and good at studies. She is always ready to lend her helping hand to people who need it. She is also very kind to animals because she believes animals can’t communicate their needs and we should always help them. My sister is my mentor. She always guides me if I make any mistakes.

    She also has a good habit of keeping everything organized, which I really admire. She is a very kind and loving person. I love my sister so much and wish her good health.

I. Pronouns

Question 1:

What are the Pronouns Used in Writing on the topic ‘My elder sister’?

Answer :

Words that replace nouns are called pronouns. We use pronouns to avoid repetition.

Example :

I have an elder sister. Her name is Saheli. She is 5 years older than me.

II. Opposite Words

Question :

How can we Use Opposite Words in the Essay on Sister?

Answer :

She is very tall, and I am somewhat shorter.

III. Describing Words

Question :

How Can We Use Describing Words to Write an Essay on ‘My Sister’?

Answer :

Describing words are used to describe or provide more information about a noun which could be a person, place, or object.

Example :

She is a very kind and loving person.

IV. Try it Yourself.

Write an essay on ‘My sister’.

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