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Essay on Park

Students will learn to describe the park. They will be able to name all things in the park. Students will learn to write a composition about an essay on park. Know to use describing words in this essay.

I. How to Write About an Essay on Park?

A park is a place for both children and adults. People enjoy spending time in parks. People come to the park to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the greenery around them. There is also enough space for people who want to exercise in the park. Include all of the details when explaining your experience, such as who you went to the park with, what you played, who you played with, and so on.

essay on a park
  1. Mention with Whom and When You Go to the Park
  2. State with whom you go to the park. It can be anyone from the family, a friend, etc. Also, write the times when you visit the park, whether it is in the afternoon or evening. Also, state whether you visit parks daily or on weekends and holidays.

    describe a park
  3. What Games Do You Play at the Park?
  4. There are many fun activities that can be carried out in a park. It includes swings, slides, exercise rods, and many other such things that give children many options for entertainment and refreshment.

    essay on a park
  5. Write About Friends with Whom You Play in the Park
  6. Many children come to the park to play with others. If you are one of them, then write about your friends who join you in the park. Some children might come to the park to read books and study. Some children who don’t have a silent atmosphere at home to study come to the park to study in silence.

    Describe a park
  7. Write About the Park Location
  8. Parks are usually big, grassy play areas. Explain the area and the location of the park. Write how far it is from your home. Also, mention if the park has enough greenery all around.

  9. Sample Essay on Park
  10. Every weekend, my mother takes my sister and me to the park. This park is located near our house. It is a big beautiful park. Many people visit this park in the evening.

    We spend time running and jumping. There is a separate play area in the park where there is a slide, see-saw, swing, and merry-go-round. My sister and I also play games with other children who visit the park. We have many friends who also come to the park every weekend. My favourite game to play in the park is sliding. At the same time, my sister likes to swing in the air. We will also play with the ball with other children. There is greenery all around. There are many beautiful trees and plants on all sides. The grass there is very smooth.

    During the winter season, many flowers bloom in the park. Nobody is allowed to pluck those flowers. There is another area where people exercise in the morning and evening. My mother brings snacks with her so that we can have them there. We enjoy playing in the park.

II. Describing Words


1. How Are Colour Words Used to Write About Playing in the Park?


Colour words are used to explain the colour of the benches in the park.


There are green benches where people can sit and take rest.


2. How Are Texture Words Used to Write About Playing in the Park?


Texture words are describing words that describe the feel of the noun.


The grass in the park is very smooth.

III. Action Words


How Are Action Words Used to Write About Playing in the Park?


Action words are used to explain the activities done by the children in the park.


We enjoy playing in the park. We also spend time running and jumping.

IV. Vocabulary


How Are New Words Used to Write About Playing in the Park?


You will have to use new words while writing about playing in the park.


Nobody is allowed to pluck those flowers.

V. Try it Yourself

Write an essay on how you spent a day in the park with your family or friends.

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