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Food We Eat

  • Anything which gives us energy is called food.
  • Plants and animals are the two primary sources of food on Earth.
  • Food items can be eaten raw or after being cooked, depending on their nature.
  • The food we eat becomes tasty and digestible when cooked.
  • Over the years, various cooking methods have been developed.
  • This concept is about the different food items, food cooking methods and food preservation methods.

Raw Food and Cooked Food

Question 1:

What Is a Tandoor?


  • A tandoor is an oven-like thing made from clay to bake food.
  • It can be used to make Indian bread, meat and fish dishes.
  • Charcoal and wood fire is used as heating elements in a tandoor, unlike electricity used in ovens.
  • Tandoori ovens are used both in restaurants and at home.
  • Chicken tandoori, naan, roti, and paneer tandoori are dishes prepared in tandoor.

Question 2:

Name the Raw Materials That Are Used for Baking a Cake.


The raw materials that are used for baking a cake are as follows:

  • Wheat flour
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda
  • Yeast
  • Eggs/curd
  • Butter/vegetable oil
 Baking a cake

Question 3:

Except for Cakes, What Types of Other Dishes Are Baked?


Except for cakes, the following dishes are baked:

  • Cookies made with rolled oats
  • Biscuits
  • Lasagna
  • Baked pasta dishes
  • Baked fish
  • Baked Chicken

Question 4:

What Is Poached Food? Write a Few Names of Poached Dishes.


  • Cooking food on a slow flame with any liquid is called poaching.
  • Usually, delicate foods like eggs and fish are poached.
    Some fruits are also poached while preparing dessert dishes.

Question 5:

Is Sushi Cooked Food?


  • No, sushi is not cooked food.
  • It is an assembled food with raw, uncooked, and cooked materials.
  • The raw and uncooked materials are fish, avocado, cucumber, nori etc.
  • The cooked ingredients are sauces and sticky rice.

Question 6:

How Is Food Cooked in Pressure Cookers?


  • Pressure cookers are designed to cook food using steam.
  • Cooking can be done in less time using a pressure cooker than other utensils.
  • Food like rice dishes, daal, boiled vegetables and chicken and lamb dishes can be prepared in a pressure cooker.
 pressure cooker

Question 7:

Name Two Types of Oils That Are Not Derived From Plants.


  • Shark oils and cod liver oils are not derived from plant sources. They are derived from sharks and codfish.

Question 8:

What Is a Pickle? Why Are Pickles Prepared With Excess Oil and Salt?


  • A pickle is a blend of spices, fruits, or vegetables prepared using different methods.
    Salts, vinegar and oil are common ingredients used in a pickle.
  • Excess oil and salt are added to pickles to lengthen their shelf life.
  • Excess oil and salt added to the pickles do not allow the microbes to grow and destroy pickles.

Sources and Food Preservation

Question 1:

What Is Searing?


  • Searing is a process of cooking. It is a slow cooking process hence do not destroy the nutrients of food items due to heating or cooking.
  • This process cooks meat or fish on a grill or fry pan.
  • The outer layer of the food is lightly fried until a brown crust appears.
  • Mostly meat and fish are seared and eaten with grilled vegetables.
What is searing

Question 2:

Why Do We Store Fish and Vegetables in Refrigerators?


  • The temperature inside a refrigerator does not allow the microbes to grow on food.
  • Hence food can be kept fresh for 4-6 days inside a refrigerator.
  • On the other hand, if kept outside, the food will be deteriorated by the growth of microbes on it.
Food preservation
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