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Geometric Art

This concept will describe the students about geometric art and the use of mathematical shapes in Abstract art. This concept will introduce the students to modern geometric art and help them to relate the geometric shapes in painting with two-dimensional shapes.

Geometric Shapes in Art

Geometric art is the type of art in which geometric shapes are used to create beautiful paintings. Geometry is the part of mathematics that studies shapes and sizes. Geometric shapes are 2-d (flat shapes) and 3-d shapes (solid shapes) in geometry.

Flower of Life

Flower of life is an example of geometric art. It is believed that this particular symbol represents the cycle of life. Overlapping circles make this symbol. Overlapping circles mean circles are drawn on each other.

Many types of Geometric art include abstract art, Cubism, Suprematism, Futurism, design painting, Minimalism, etc.

 Flower of life drawing

What Is Abstract Art

Abstract art is a type of modern geometric art. Abstract art does not represent any daily life objects. It is formed by using lines, shapes and colours. Abstract art is found in our surroundings through paintings and sculptures.

Simple abstract art

What Is Cubism

Pablo Picasso is the first Cubism artist. This art form is called cubism because the objects painted in it look like they are made from cubes and other geometrical shapes.

Pablo Picasso portraits


The famous artist Kazimir Malevich invented the type of abstract art that is Suprematism.
So, by using geometrical shapes, we can make beautiful paintings.

Suprematism art

Two Dimensional Shapes

Question 1:

Colour the Shapes As Given in the Directions and Complete the Painting. Write the Name of the Object.

  1. Square = Yellow, Circle = Black, Triangle = Blue, Semi-circle = Red
  2. Geometric shapes paintings
  3. Triangle = Red, Square = Green, Rectangle = Yellow, Circle = Blue
  4. geometric shapes meaning
  5. Pentagon (Shape Which Has 5 Sides) = Black Hexagon (Shape Which Has 6 Sides) = White
  6.  geometric shapes meaning

Answer 1

Colour the shapes as given in the directions and complete the painting. Write the name of the object. The correct answers:

  1. Square = Yellow, Circle = Black, Triangle = Blue, Semi-circle = Red
  2. Geometric shapes paintings
  3. b)Triangle = Red, Square = Green, Rectangle = yellow, circle = Blue
  4. Geometric shapes paintings
  5. c)Pentagon (a shape which has 5 sides) = Black Hexagon (a shape which has 6 sides) = White
  6. Geometric shapes paintings

Question 2:

Let’s Mauer Own Abstract Painting. Identify Which Shapes You Have Found in This—Colour the Painting as Given by the Directions.
1 – Yellow, 2 – Green, 3 – Blue, 4 – Red

modern geometric art

Geometrical Shapes in This Abstract Art
= ………………………………

Answer 2:

Let’s make your abstract painting. Identify which shapes you found in this painting and colour the image per the directions.
1 – Yellow, 2 – Green, 3 – Blue, 4 – Red

modern geometric art

Geometrical shapes in this abstract art = Circles, Triangles, Squares, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon

Question 3:

Make a Tree and Snowman by Using the Following Shapes. And Colour Them. Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, Square

Answer 3:

We can make a tree and snowman by using the following shapes:
Triangle, Rectangle, circle

Geometric shapes in art
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