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Good Health and Well Being

  • One can stay happy, healthy, and active if one follows healthy habits regularly.
  • Healthy habits and personal hygiene keep us away from diseases.
  • Outdoor activities such as exercises and games can make you fit.
  • A person who follows the rules in and outside the house stays safe.
  • This topic concerns some habits and activities for good health and well-being.
Good health and well being

Healthy Habits

Question 1:

How Yogasana Makes the Body Fit and Healthy?


The benefits of practicing yoga asanas are as follows:

  • Yoga helps in meditation and keeps our minds calm and focused.
  • Gentle breathing activity revitalizes our system.
  • It helps to stretch the body and increases flexibility.
  • It boosts the immunity of our body.
Yogasana makes the body

Question 2:

How Do We Get To Benefit From Playing Chess?


  • Chess is a challenging game that increases our intelligence quotient.
  • It helps to increase concentration in a particular activity, making rapid analytical decisions and testing memory.
  • Such games also help children in problem-solving.
playing chess

Question 3:

Why Do We Yawn a Lot Sometimes?


  • Yawning promotes deep breathing hence allowing the body the inhale a large amount of oxygen.
  • This happens when the body is tired.
why do we yawn

Question 4:

How Do We Get Benefitted From Activities Like Swimming and Cycling?


  • Cycling and swimming help in the psychomotor development of our body.
  • It involves different parts of the body physically, and the mind is engaged while learning the skill.
  • We learn to balance and coordinate our physical and mental activities.
psychomotor skills

Question 5:

What Are Germs?


  • Germs are tiny and harmful organisms that cause various contagious diseases.
  • These tiny organisms can be seen only through microscopes.
  • Germs feed upon the nutrients of our body, and in return, they produce harmful toxins that make us ill.
  • Germs can spread via air, water, or touch.
what are germs

Question 6:

What Is Dust Allergy?


  • Our bodies react to various things we get exposed to.
  • If anything unwanted enters the body unknowingly, it tries to expel it.
  • For Example, when dust particles enter our breathing tubes, we sneeze.
  • If the sneezing persists for a longer duration and does not stop without medication, such a situation is considered a dust allergy.
  • Similar to specks of dust, other things may lead to such a reaction, such as feathers, pollens, the pungent or strong smell of perfume, etc.
what is dust allergy

Question 7:

Why Do People in Rural Areas Coat the Walls and Floors of Their Huts With Cow Dung?


  • Cow dung contains some bacteria that are harmless to humans but do not allow any microbes to grow on it.
  • Cow dung is a disinfectant that keeps away harmful insects and flies.
  • This also helps keep the house cool in summer.

Safety Rules for Kids

Question 1:

Which Side of the Road Should We Walk on if There Is No Footpath?


  • One can walk on either side of the road if there is a footpath.
  • If there is no footpath, one needs to walk on the right side of the road in their direction.
  • This way, the person walking can see the vehicles coming toward him.
  • If he walks on the left side, the vehicles may cross him with high speed, which can cause fatal accidents.
safety rules for kids

Question 2:

What Is the First Aid for an Electrical Injury?


  • An electrical injury due to electrical shock may cause burns, lack of consciousness, and fits.
  • As first aid, we can separate the person from damaging electrical equipment with the help of cardboard or plastic after cutting the supply from the main switch.
  • We need to cover the burnt areas with a sterile gauge to treat burn injuries.
  • A doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.
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