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How to Write a Comic Strip?

Comics are an engaging and fun way for students to learn various expressions of characters. Students can learn the language while creating a comic strip. Today, students will get a chance to learn how to write a comic strip for their own story. The concept of punctuation has been used to explain this topic.

I. How to Make a Comic Strip?

A comic strip is a series of images with limited text in each box. This text is usually in a speech bubble. It is a story-telling that uses cartoon images or drawings to tell a story.

  1. Where Do You See Comic Strips?
  2. Comic strips are primarily seen in magazines or newspapers. There are even comic books which you can get in any bookstore or library.

  3. Examples of Well-Known Comics for Children
  4. Earlier, Amar Chitra Katha, Chacha Chaudhary, and Tinkle were popular comics. Other popular comics include Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield and superhero comics like Batman, Spiderman, etc.

  5. How to Create a Comic Strip?
  6. Since this is your first-ever comic strip creation, let us focus on four frame comics.

    1. Create the Main Idea of a Story
      • A comic strip is the same as writing a short story. It needs a beginning, a middle and an end. Since it is a four-frame comic strip, you can break your story into four parts.
      • Jot down your ideas for the settings, characters, expressions and dialogues also. Ensure each part has an action and the ending has a good punchline.
      • Plan each frame. Write down text for each frame. You need to know what is happening, where, the characters to be included, etc. Keep it simple. Avoid unnecessary descriptions.
    2. Characters
    3. Create characters as they will drive the story and create a storyline. Don’t make them perfect; instead, make them realistic traits. For instance, they can be talkative, greedy, rude, selfish, etc. If you want, you can give a back story about the character and some hobbies. This makes them relatable.

    4. Dialogues
    5. Now add dialogues into the speech bubbles. Remember, the size of your letters could mean whether a character is shouting, whispering, or talking. For instance, capitals indicate that your character is shouting. Avoid lengthy dialogues in a comic.

      Use these speech bubbles to fill in the dialogues.

    6. Thought balloons or Speech Bubble
    7. speech bubble

      You can also give thought bubbles to show the character’s inner dialogue. They are usually rounded or cloud-shaped outlines, which contain words that are thoughts of a character in a cartoon.

    8. Drawings
    9. Take drawings or use cut-outs from magazines and make a comic strip on a fresh page. If you don’t have images, you can draw stick figures for your comic strip.

  7. Comic Strip Example
  8. Let us take a look at a sample comic strip for a better understanding.

    Comic Strip example

II. Write a Story

To write a story, you must plan a beginning, middle and end.


What Is a Pathogen?


A comic strip also requires the elements of a story. However, it need not be too descriptive as a story. You have to be very precise. A comic strip must have the main idea, a problem and a solution.

III. The Simple Present Tense

The simple present tense is used to mention actions that happen in the present or take place every day.


How to Use Simple Present Tense to Write a Comic Strip?


Comics are mostly written in the present tense.


It is a small version of me!

IV. Punctuations

Punctuations form a group of symbols that separate sentences and parts of them to clarify the meaning. Each symbol is known as a ‘punctuation mark’.

Question :

How to Use Simple Present Tense to Write a Comic Strip?


Comic strips equally need punctuations like commas, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks, just like in a story.


What is she doing? She is probably planting a seed in the flower pot!

V. Sound Words

Sound words are words that represent a sound are called sound words.

Question :

How to Use Sound Words in a Comic Strip?


In comic strips, the louder the sound, the word is written in a bigger font. If letters are repeated, it shows the duration.


The karate man sent the villain flying across the room.

comic strip

Some of the sound words used in comic strips are:

Sound words

VI. Try it Yourself

Create a comic strip about going to school on a rainy day.

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