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How to Write Comic Dialogue?

Dialogue writing is challenging as it needs to reflect the real conversation. Students will learn how to write comic dialogues by following the points given below.

I. What Is a Dialogue?

A dialogue is an exchange of words, either in written or spoken form, between two or more people. It is a way to create a story and narrate the events and characters in it. Dialogue writing in English can be challenging as the dialogues need to sound realistic and not forced. Here are a few ways to write dialogue in comics.

  1. Write Short Dialogues in English for Comic Books
  2. People always have the tendency to make the dialogues long, as it might look more natural, but they should be short. Writing long sentences for a comic book is unnecessary and doesn’t look good on Comic Strip.

    Dialogue Writing Example
  3. Use Both Words and Images
  4. A comic book is a visual medium where children get fascinated by the pictures as well. Thus, you have to narrate the story by using words as well as images. Add pictures along with text to make it interesting.

    Dialogue writing in English
  5. Sample on How to Write Comic Dialogue?
  6. How to Write Comic Dialogue

II. Sound Words


How To Use Sound Words for Dialogues in Comics?


Sound words are used in a comic book to depict any sound that is present in the story of the book. If the sound word has many repeated letters, it shows the duration of the sound. Other aspects, such as color, weight, and shape of the letters, tell us about the person or thing who is making the noise in the book.

Dialogue writing with words that represent noise

III. Verb Tense


How to Use the Present Tense for Writing Dialogue in Comics?


Present tense is used in dialogue of comic books to explain the scenes that are going on at that moment.


Speaker 1: Where are you?
Speaker 2: I am at home.

Exchange of words in dialogue writing

IV. Punctuation


1. How Are Exclamation Marks Used for Dialogue Writing in Comics?


Exclamation marks are used to write dialogues when there are sudden expressions of emotions.


Speaker 1: Hurrah! I won the match.
Speaker 2: Congratulations!


2. How to Use Question Mark for Dialogue Writing in Comics?


Question marks are used to ask questions in dialogues when required.


Speaker 1: When are you going home?
Speaker 2: I will leave in an hour.

V. Try it yourself

Write a comic story with dialogues and images.

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