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Human Body Parts and their functions

  • The human body is a complex structure and comprises parts with specific functions to perform.
  • The right side of our body is similar to the left side, apart from a few organs specifically located.
  • Broadly our body can be divided into the head, neck, hands, torso and legs.
  • Our body has five sense organs that help us to see, smell, hear, touch and feel.
  • We must take care of our bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid diseases.

Parts of Our Body

Question 1:

What Is a Hairline? Name Five Types of Hairlines.


Our scalp hair has an outline on the forehead called a hairline. The five types of hairlines are as follows:

  • Widow’s peak
  • Bell-shaped hairline
  • Low/ high hairline
  • Straight hairline
  • M-shaped hairline
What is a hairline

Question 2:

What Are the Functions of Eyebrows?


  • The curved strips of hair above the eye are called eyebrows.
  • Eyebrows protect our eyes from water and sweat.
  • They also help us communicate through different facial gestures and expressions.
functions of eyebrows

Question 3:

How Many Bones Are There in the Human Body? Does a Newborn Baby Have the Same Number of Bones?


  • In total, 206 bones are present in the human body.
  • The number of bones in an adult is less than that in a baby.
  • A newborn baby has 300 bones, but as the baby grows, those bones fuse; the total count of bones is reduced in adults.

Question 4:

What Is the Function of Teeth, and How Many Teeth Do We Have on the Lower Jaw?


  • Teeth are hard and whitish structures that are present inside the mouth cavity.
  • The primary function of teeth is to chew and grind food.
  • They also provide shape to our faces.
  • We have 16 teeth on the lower jaw.
What is the function of teeth

Question 5:

What Is a Joint? Give Examples of Two Types of Joints.


The junctions where two bones meet together are called joints. Joints are essential for the movement and locomotion of the human body.

  • Hinge joints-
    These joints act like door hinges.
    Example: Elbow joint, knee joint.
  • Ball and socket joint-
    This type of joint is made with two bones. One bone is joined inside the hollow space of another bone.
    Example: Shoulder joint.
What is a joint

Sense Organs

Question 1:

What Is the Largest Organ of the Human Body?


The skin is the largest organ of the human body.

Question 2:

Which Sense Organ Helps To Balance the Body?


The ear is a sense organ that helps to balance the body.

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