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Immigration Meaning and Its Causes

  • People resettle in a distant country for many reasons like poverty, food scarcity, limited job options, war etc.
  • After resettlement, they may face various difficulties and challenges in the new place for survival.
  • Immigration is a worldwide issue which is why many organizations provide support and education to the resettled population for their social and economic upliftment.
  • Natural calamities are also one of the primary causes of resettlement.
  • The given concept will explain the immigration meaning and related terms.
  • Learn more about causes of resettlement and its effects.
Natural sources of water

Why Do People Migrate?

Question 1:

What Are Asylum Seekers?


  • When a large group of people move from one country to another country, they try to settle in the new country, called the host country.
  • Everyone seeks refugee status in the new host country; otherwise, they are marked as illegal immigrants.
  • Such people are called asylum seekers until they are categorized as refugees.

Question 2:

Name a Few Countries That Have Taken the Maximum Number of Refugees.


A few countries that have taken the maximum number of refugees are:

  • Turkey: Hosting refugees from the Syrian Arab Republic.
  • Germany: Hosting refugees from Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, and Iraq.
  • Colombia: Hosting refugees from Venezuela.
  • Pakistan: Hosting refugees from Afghanistan.

Question 3:

Write Full Forms of the Followings:


The full forms are as follows:

UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

UNICEF: United Nations Children’s Fund.

Question 4:

When Is World Refugee Day Celebrated?


20th June is celebrated as World Refugee Day.

Question 5:

What Is the Primary Difference Between Resettlement and Rehabilitation?


The primary difference between resettlement and rehabilitation is given below:

Resettlement rehabilitation
In the case of resettlement, a population moves to a whole new place and settles again in that new area. In the case of rehabilitation, the population lives in the same area after restoration.

Question 6:

Name the Most Urbanized City in the World.


Tokyo-Yokohama is the most urbanized city in the world.

Question 7:

State the Difference Between Refugees and Asylum Seekers.


An asylum seeker is any person who seeks international protection from the government and has not been provided with refugee status.
On the other hand, refugees fall under the 1951 convention relating to the global status of refugees.

Question 8:

Which Countries in Europe Do Not Accept Refugees?


The countries like Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary do not accept refugees.

Question 9:

Name the Country That Has the Biggest Refugee Crisis at This Moment.


Syria is a country situated in the middle east that has the biggest refugee crisis at this moment. s

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