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Lines of Symmetry Maths

A line of symmetry refers to the line which divides a shape into two equal halves. Also, they will learn what lines of symmetry, symmetrical shapes, and symmetrical figures is, and how many lines of symmetry can be there in a symmetrical shape.

Symmetrical Figures

Nature itself teaches us about symmetry. We can easily find symmetry around us in flowers, animals, etc. Bees can build honeycombs using symmetrical hexagonal shapes by themselves. Similarly, inspired by nature, humans learned to build their architecture with symmetric aspects. The lotus temple in Delhi is one such example.

What Are Symmetrical Figures?

A figure is said to be symmetric if it can be divided into two identical halves by an imaginary line. Such figures are said to be symmetrical figures. There is a different type of line of symmetry.

  1. The vertical line of symmetry
  2. The horizontal line of symmetry
  3. The diagonal line of symmetry

The below discussion is about how we find symmetrical figures in honeycomb.


We get the picture of a honeycomb created by the bees instinctively. It can be seen that the honeycomb is made by repetitive use of one single symmetrical shape.

All of these symmetrical shapes are hexagons. Also, the shape has lines of symmetry.


The next discussion is about symmetry in the lotus temple.


About Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is present in Delhi.

Lotus temple is known as the only Bahai temple of worship in Asia.

The temple looks like a lotus flower.

It is awarded for excellence in architecture and art.

Lotus Temple

The below pictures show the interior designs of the lotus temple:

Lotus Temple

Top of the temple

Lotus Temple

Interior view


Question 1:

Riya Was Playing on the Ground. She Found a Structure Where Bees Collect Honey. What Type of Structure Does She Find?

i) Symmetrical ii) Asymmetrical iii) Regular iv) Irregular

Answer 1:

Riya finds the picture as:


So, the structure is symmetrical.
The correct option is option i) Symmetrical.

Question 2:

Which Type of Symmetry Does Riya Find Here,

i) Regular ii) Irregular iii) Non-uniform iv) Uneven

Answer 2:

Here we get all the shapes in regular shape

Regular shapes

So, the correct option is option i) Regular.

Question 3:

The Number of Lines of Symmetry in a Hexagonal Shape in the Honeycomb Is:

i) 7 ii) 5 iii) 6 iv) 3

Answer 3:

We get 6 lines of symmetry:

Lines of symmetry

So, the correct option is option iii) 6

Question 4:

Find the Type of Symmetrical Line Present Here.

Answer 4:

From the figure we get,

Lines of symmetry

All types of line symmetry are present here,

  • The diagonal line of symmetry
  • The vertical line of symmetry
  • The horizontal line of symmetry

Question 5:

Sita Spends Her Summer Holiday in Delhi, and She Visits Lotus Temple. She Makes Some Art When She Comes Home. Then,

She Found the Image on a Piece of Paper

Lotus temple

Make the Other Part and Make the Complete Picture. Then How Will the Complete Picture be?

Answer 5:

The complete picture is

Lotus temple
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