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My Birthday Party Essay for Class 2 English

Students in class 2 will be able to learn how to describe their birthday celebration in English. My birthday party paragraph elucidates the child’s experience of celebrating a birthday.

I. How to Write About a Birthday Party?

Birthday is celebrated every year on the day we were born. This day is considered to be special for everyone. On birthdays, parties are given, guests are invited, delicious food is prepared, and people have a lot of fun. While writing about your birthday celebration, mention all the details related to it.

Write about Your Birthday Celebration?
  1. Mention When And Where Was Your Birthday Party?
  2. Start by writing about when your birthday was. Some people like to organise the party at home, and some prefer to choose an outdoor location. Hence, mention where your party took place.

  3. Who Was Invited to the Party?
  4. Write about the people who were invited to the birthday party. State whether they were your friends, classmates, teachers, relatives, etc. You can also mention whether birthday invitation cards or text messages were sent.

  5. What Were the Gifts You Received?
  6. We love to receive gifts on our birthdays. Mention the gift you received from your parents for your birthday. Also, write about the gifts you got from the guests and relatives.

    What gifts did you get?
  7. Write About the Food That Was Served at the party
  8. No matter where the birthday party is taking place, there is always the arrangement of delicious food like cakes, sweets, etc. Mention the food items for a birthday party. For instance you can state if your mother had baked a tasty cake and other delicious dishes for your birthday celebration.

    Food items for a Birthday Party
  9. What Were the Fun Activities Carried Out at the birthday party?
  10. Birthdays are opportunities for people to have lots of fun and enjoyment. Mention the activities you did on your birthday like playing, drawing, singing, dancing etc.

    My Birthday party
  11. Sample of My Birthday Party Essay For Class 2
  12. My name is Rukmini. My birthday is on the 7th of March. This day is very special to me. I decided to celebrate my birthday at home with my family and friends. All my friends and relatives were invited to my house on this special day.

    My mother baked a chocolate cake, and my elder sister decorated the cake with some cherries. My mother also prepared many other dishes such as dosa, biryani, sweets, etc. My father and my cousin decorated the house with blue and white balloons. I received a lot of gifts from the guests.

    My parents gave me a new bicycle for my birthday. After cutting the cake, my father played some music, and we decided to dance.

    I love celebrating my birthday with friends and family.

II. Sentence Types

Question :

How Are ‘Declarative Sentences’ Used To Write About A Birthday Party?

Answer :

Declarative sentences are those sentences that put up a statement. Here, declarative sentences are used to give information about the birthday party.


My birthday is on the 7th of March every year.

III. Nouns

Question :

How Are Common Nouns Used to write a Birthday party paragraph?

Answer :

A common noun is the general name of a group of people, place, or thing. Here, common nouns are used to talk about a group of people and things that were a part of the party.


All my friends and relatives were invited to my house on this special day.

IV. Action Words

Question :

How Are Action Words Used To Describe Your Birthday Party?

Answer :

Action words refer to those words that talk about the action performed by the noun. Action word is used here to mention the actions performed in the birthday celebration party.


My father and my cousin decorated the house with blue and white balloons.

V. Try it Yourself

Write about a birthday party in your own words on a paragraph on birthday party of friend.

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