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My Cousin Essay

Students will be able to write an essay on their cousin. They will learn the points that they need to add to this write-up. Various concepts like conjunction and auxiliary are used to explain this topic.

I. How To Write About Your Cousin?

Most people in the world have cousins. A cousin can be a sister or brother from your father’s or mother’s side of the family. A child’s first best friend can be his or her cousin. Writing an essay on ‘my cousin’ will help the children to share their feelings towards their cousins. Students can follow the below points to draft their essays.

  1. Give a brief Introduction of Your Cousin.
  2. Start your essay by mentioning your cousin’s name, age, school and whether your cousin is a boy or a girl. You can give more details such as how your cousin looks, his or her favourite food, sport, colour, daily routine, etc.

  3. Write About Your Cousin’s Hobbies.
  4. Cousins are like our friends. So, you might know everything about them. Write in your essay what your cousin likes to do the most. He or she might like reading books, drawing, gardening, baking, playing outdoor or indoor games, watching movies, etc.

  5. Mention how you both spend time with each other.
  6. There are many fun activities you may do with your cousin to spend time together. Write about the things you and your cousins do in your free time. It can be playing in a park, going for a walk, watching a movie together, etc.

  7. Mention Any Good or Bad Qualities of Your Cousin.
  8. You can describe any good or bad qualities of your cousin in your essay. Your cousin’s good qualities can be that he or she might be very good in certain areas like study, singing, dancing, etc. or the way he or she behaves with elders or any other quality you know.

Sample Essay on My Cousin

I have a small family; hence I don’t have many cousins. I have a good bond with all my cousins, but I am closest to Rashika. She is a very smart and intelligent girl. She is four years older than me. She studies in class 5.

Rashika and I are very good friends too. I am living with my cousin in the same building. We never keep any secret between us. Rashika and I go to the same school. During lunchtime, she comes to meet me at my class, and we both eat our lunch together. She is very good at studies and always gets good marks on her exam. She is also a very good dancer and singer. She is a very kind person. Whenever I am in a problem, she is always there to help me. Whenever we get free time, we go to a park near our house or watch movies together.

Every weekend, our families go for outings together. I love my cousin. I am so grateful to have a cousin like Rashika.

II. Describing Words


How are describing words used to write about your cousin?


Describing words gives more information about a person. In this case, it is the cousin.


She is also a very good dancer and singer.

III. Pronouns


How are Pronouns Used to Write About Your Cousin?


Rashika’s favourite hobby is baking. She bakes delicious cakes and cookies.

IV. Auxiliary


How do the Auxiliaries ‘is’ and ‘are’ Help to Write an Essay on this Topic?


  1. Rashika and I are very good friends.
  2. She is also a very good dancer and singer.

V. Conjunction


How do Conjunction ‘And’ Help to Write an Essay on This Topic?


Rashika and I both attend the same school.

VI. Try it Yourself

Write an essay on ‘My cousin’.

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