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My Family Essay

Essays and speeches on My family are often used as questions to assess the student’s grasp and fluency of the language. As the initial step, students are urged to write my family paragraph before they begin to write longer pieces of writing on the topic of my family essays in English. Students can also check how to write a composition on a family member like my sister essay.

I. How to Write About My Family Essay?

  1. Introduction Paragraph on What is a Family
  2. Begin your essay by writing a proper introduction to what a family is.

  3. Who are Your Family Members?
  4. Next, you write about the members of your family. The members should include those who live with you as they are your immediate family. Do not include cousins or anybody who does not stay with you or your family.

  5. Give Description for Each Family Member, Including You
  6. Write about each of the family members in detail and what they do. You can also mention the activities that they do at home.


    • Father
    • Mother
    • Sibiling
    • Grandparents
    • Pet
    my family paragraph
  7. Activities You Do With Your Family
  8. Mention the activities that you do with your family. It could be watching television or going out or doing household chores or playing or watching movies, and so on.

  9. How Do They Help You With Your Studies or Other Things?
  10. Mention how family members help you with your studies and other activities one by one.

  11. Sample Essay on the Topic My Family
  12. A Family are people who are related to each other's life together. My family consists of my father, mother, elder brother, grandmother and me. Both of my parents are professors in a college. My grandmother was a teacher. I have an elder brother who is in class 8, the same school as me. I study in class 3 at Orchids the International School.

    Every morning, my grandma and mother cook for me, and my father wakes me up. My mother helps me to pack my bag. Sometimes he feeds me breakfast too, when I don’t feel like eating. My elder brother, Rakshit and I go to school together on a school bus.

    My dad helps me study subjects like maths, geography, and Hindi. My mom helps me with science, history, and English.

    My family

    We, as a family, sometimes go to movies, picnics with friends and on holiday trips. During weekends we all play some indoor games together. During winter, we all go up to the terrace and have a lovely time. During summer, we enjoy making pickles with Grandma and keeping her special pickles dry in the sun.

    My family easting together

    I am the naughtiest. I get scolded by both my parents. I am closest to my brother. He, too, takes care of me, helps me with my studies, and we have fun together.

    I love all of them, they love me too, and I am lucky to have a loving and supportive family.

II. The Present Tense

Question :

How to Use the Present Tense to Write About my Family?


The simple present tense is used to talk about the actions happening in the present. If the action takes place regularly, we use the simple present tense.
Since you live with your family, you will often write about daily activities or things done together often, so you should use the present tense.


I have a loving family. My family consists of my father, mother, elder brother, grandmother and me.

III. Adjectives

Question :

How to Use Adjectives to Write About My Family?


Adjectives are words that describe the qualities or states of being of nouns.
I have a loving family.
I am the naughtiest.


At night, we all have dinner together, and my dad is strict about it.

IV. Try it Yourself

Prepare a paragraph of the topic my family speech by writing it in your notebook.

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