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My Favourite Teacher Essay for Class 1 English

Students will learn to write about their favourite teacher and the things they like the most about their favourite teacher. They will also know to write the compositin using pronouns, conjunction, opposite and describing words.

I. How To Write About Your Favourite Teacher?

Teachers have a major impact on the lives of their students. They are someone who teaches moral values and gives knowledge to the students. A teacher can be a guardian, mentor, guide etc. However, out of all, people might have their favourite teacher. In this concept, Students will learn how to write an essay on favourite teacher.

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  1. Give a Brief Description of Your Favourite Teacher.
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    Begin your essay with the name of your teacher and the subject he or she teaches you. Mention if that person tutors you in a private or public school. Try to recall any lesson that the teacher taught you about which you won’t forget.

  3. Write How Your Favourite Teacher Motivates You.
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    It's not always easy to keep motivated. A student who lacks motivation will not learn, regardless of how many books, classes, or lessons they attend or how well-planned their lesson plan is. A teacher plays a crucial role in keeping the motivation in students alive. You can include in your essay how your favourite teacher always encourages you, helps you with your study, and how you started loving the subject he or she teaches you.

  5. Why He or She Is Your Favourite Teacher?
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    Describe in your essay the factors that made that particular teacher your favourite. For instance, he or she gives you and your classmates special care, attention, and always patiently responds. This could be a reason you favour your teacher. If you want to share any further reasons about the person, you can add them in your writing.

  7. Mention Your Favourite Teacher’s Behaviour Towards You.
  8. Write how your teacher behaves with you. He or she can be humble, kind, polite, sweet or a little strict. Include more details such as how she behaves with other teachers, parents, etc.

    Sample Essay Topic:

    Radhika Ma’am is my favourite teacher. She is only 26 years old. She is our school which is Orchids the International School and our class teacher as well. She teaches us history. She is very tall and has long hair. She wears reading spectacles. She is very humble and caring in nature as well as very organized and punctual.

    Earlier, I used to dislike history. But once Radhika Ma’am started teaching history, I began to enjoy the subject. She gives us exercises to do in class and also provides homework after clarifying chapter-related doubts. If we are unable to grasp anything, she explains them patiently over and over again.

    During any school or interschool dance, sports, quiz, or other competition, she encourages us to take part in it. She is the best teacher.

II. Describing words


How Can We Use Describing Words To Write About ‘My Favourite Teacher’?


A describing word is used to describe a noun or to give more information about it.


She is very humble and caring in nature as well as very organized and punctual.

III. Pronoun


How Can We Use Pronouns To Write About Your Favourite Teacher?


Radhika Ma’am is one of my favourite teachers. She is only 26 years old and very knowledgeable.

IV. Conjunction


How Can We Use a Conjunction To Write About This Topic?


She completes her checking of all the assignments and projects we submit without getting late.

V. Opposite words


How Can We Use Opposite Words To Write About ‘My Favourite Teacher’?


Initially, I used to dislike history. But Radhika Ma’am explained each chapter in a very interesting way, that I started liking the subject.

V. Try it yourself

Write an essay on ‘your favourite teacher’.

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