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My house

My house is a place that calms our minds and soul. The house is where we were born, brought up, and live the rest of our life. In a house, children can relate topics related to concepts like counting numbers, comparing numbers, and geometric shapes. My house for class 1 will help students to identify the shapes in their surroundings.

Objects in a House

We live in a house with our
family. There are different
shapes of doors, windows, and
house roofs.

Vertical Bar Graph

We can see in the picture that –
Door – Rectangle shape
Window – Rectangle shape
Roof – Triangle shape

Vertical Bar Graph

Rooms in a House

There are so many rooms in the house, like –

Vertical Bar Graph
Vertical Bar Graph

We can see different objects in our house. Try to make a list and count the number of various objects. In the first column, write the name of the objects. Write the number of objects in the house in the second and third columns, and note the object’s shape. Let’s count the different objects. The list will look like this:

Name of the object Count the objects The shape of the object
Watch 2 Circle
Window 5 Square or Rectangle
Fans 3 Circle
Lamp 2 cylinder
Sofa 3 Rectangle

In this way, we count different objects in our house.

Now try to count different objects in your house and make a list! Measuring and collecting this information is known as data handling.

Data Handling

Question 1:

Below Is a Picture of a Living Room. Count the Objects and Complete the Table.

Vertical Bar Graph
Objects Number of objects   Objects Number of objects
Window     Mirror  
Lamp     Books  
Car toys     Table  
Balls     Watch  
Sofa & chairs     Fan  

Answer 1:

The correct answer is:

Vertical Bar Graph
Objects Number of objects   Objects Number of objects
Window 1   Mirror 2
Lamp 2   Books 50
Car toys 3   Table 4
Balls 5   Watch 1
Sofa & chairs 3   Fan 1

Counting Numbers

Question 2:

Observe the Picture of the Living Room given above And Answer the Following Questions.

  1. Which Objects Are More in Numbers?
  2. Which Objects Are Less in Numbers?
  3. Find the Difference Between the Number of Toy Cars and Balls.
  4. How Many School Bags Are There in the Living Room?
  5. How Many Shopping Bags Are There in the Living Room?
  6. Find the Difference in Numbers Between School Bags and Shopping Bags.
  7. How Many Flowers Are There in a Flowerpot?

Answer 2:

Observe the above picture of the living room. And answer the following questions.

  1. Number of books = 50
    Books are more in numbers.
  2. The window, watch and fan number are the same.
    The living room has 1 window, 1 watch, and 1 fan.
  3. Number of toy cars = 3
    Number of toy balls = 5
    Difference = 5 – 3 = 2
  4. Number of school bags = 2
  5. Number of shopping bags = 6
  6. Difference between school bags and shopping bags = 6 – 2 = 4
  7. Number of flowers = 3

Two Dimensional Shapes

Question 3:

Observe the Picture of the Living Room. And Answer the Following Questions.

Vertical Bar Graph
  1. How Many Squares Are There in a Window?
  2. Name the Two Rectangular Shapes Objects in the Living Room.
  3. Write the Shape of the Following Objects –
    1. Watch – …
    2. Frame – …
    3. Mirror – …

Answer 3:

  1. Number of squares in a window = 6
  2. Rectangular shape objects = Table, Bookshelf, books
  3. Write the shape of the following objects –
    1. Watch – Circle
    2. Frame – Rectangle
    3. Mirror – Oval

Question 4:

Sort the Following Objects and Match Them With the Correct Shape.

Vertical Bar Graph

Answer 4:

Sort the following objects and match them with the correct shape. The correct answer is

Vertical Bar Graph
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