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‘My Parents’ Essay in English for Class 1

Students will learn to write my parents essay using the following points.

I. How To Describe Your Parents?

Student of class 1 are expected to write a description on the topic ‘My parents’ essay. This method of describing their parents in the form of an essay helps students to be able to give a ‘my parents speech’. Initially, students can be guided to write few lines on my parents. Later, they can be guided to write a paragraph on parents.
If someone asks you to talk about your parents you can follow the below-mentioned points to describe them. These points will give you a clear idea of how to express your feelings and thoughts in words.

  1. Tell Us More About Your Parents.

    When you are telling someone about your parents the first thing you will do is mention their names. Then you can talk about their occupations and their daily routines. Mention who helps you with your study at home.

  2. Tell Us About Your Parent’s Likes and Dislikes.

    Since your parents are very close to you, you must know what their likes and dislikes. You can mention their favourite hobbies, food, movies, colour, destination. You can also speak about what they like to do in their leisure time, or anything special that you want to share about them.

  3. Write About the Time Your Parents Spend With You.

    No matter how busy your parents are, they always make ways to spend time with their family. Like every other parent, they also spend time with you. You can mention all the activities you do together on weekends or holidays, whether you stay at home watching TV, or play games with them. Think or other activities that you enjoy with your parents like visiting places and having lunch or dinner together.

Sample Essay Topic: My Parents

My parents are the most important people. The first and best teachers of my life. My father’s name is Raghav Sen and my mother’s name is Ishita Roy Sen. Both of them are working. My father is a businessman and my mother is a teacher.
My mother is an early riser. She wakes up and prepares tasty food for us. My father helps her with the dishes and the laundry. He also helps me to get ready for my school. They both leave for their office in the morning and return back home in the evening. After returning back home, they help me with my studies. My father loves to play cricket with his friends. Sometimes, I and my mother go to the playground and watch him playing. My mother is a wonderful singer and she can also play the Veena. They make sure that we spend a lot of time together. We go out together to a restaurant, or a theatre to watch movies on weekends.
During our holidays we go on long trips to mountains or beaches. They always encourage me to pursue my dreams and do whatever makes me happy. They help me to overcome my problem, they guide me to choose the right path. Whenever I am in trouble, I come to them and they listen to my problems very patiently and help me to get out of them. I love both of them and can’t imagine a life without them.

II. Describing words


How Do We Use Describing Words While Describing Our Parents?


  • We use describing words to describe or talk about a noun. It gives us more information about a noun.
  • When you talk about your father and mother you can use describing words to give us more information about them.


  1. My mother is a caring person.
  2. My father is a motivating person.

The words ‘caring’ and ‘motivating’ are describing words. They give us more information about the nouns (father and mother).

III. Pronouns


How Can Pronouns Help Us Give a Better Description for Our Parents?


  • We use pronouns in a sentence to replace nouns. It is used to avoid the repetition of the same name of a specific person, place, or object again and again.
  • While describing your parents you don’t have to mention ‘my father’ or ‘my mother’ time and again. In order to avoid repetition, you can just replace ‘my father’ with the pronoun ‘he’ and ‘my mother’ with ‘she’.


  1. My mother is a working woman. She is an English teacher.
  2. My father loves to read books. He always reads a book before going to sleep.

The nouns ‘my father’ and ‘my mother’ have been replaced with the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ respectively.

IV. Proper Nouns


How Can Proper Nouns Help Us To Describe Your Father and Mother?


A proper noun is a word that says the name of a particular person, place, organization, or thing.


  1. My father’s name is Rajiv Sen.
  2. My mother’s name is Ishita Roy Sen.

Rajiv Sen and Ishita Roy Sen are proper nouns because they are the names of people.

V. Action Words for Class 1


How Can We Use Action Words To Talk About Our Parents?


An action word talks about an action done by a person or an animal.


My father helps her with the dishes and the laundry
She can also play the Veena.

VI. Graphic Organizer


VII. Try it yourself.

Let’s try to speak about your parents including all the points mentioned above on the topic ‘Give a short speech on parents in English’.

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