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My Pet Essay for Class 1 English

The students will learn to write on the topic ‘my favourite pet animal essay’, where they will talk about everything related to their favourite pet.

I. How To Describe Your Favourite Pet Animal?


Many people are fond of animals. They have a lot of love for animals and like to spend time with them. While writing an essay on your favourite pet animal, mention all the details you like about it. You can start by writing your pet’s name, its favourite food, games it likes to play, how you spend time with your pet etc. Also, don’t forget to mention why it is your favourite pet and when and where you first met. Your writing might help other kids to know more about that particular animal.

  1. What Is My Favourite Pet Animal and Why?

    Before you share details about your pet, write who your favourite pet is, if it is a dog/ cat/ bird/ fish or anything else. Some people love to have a pet dog, whereas some like to have a pet cat. Then write the name of it. You can mention why that animal is your favourite pet. Think about all the details you can remember about your pet and write them down.

  2. What Does Your Pet Dog/ Cat Likes To Eat?

    Like humans, animals also eat food when they are hungry to get energy. But sometimes they might like a particular food more than others. If your pet also has a preference for some particular foods, write about it in this essay. For instance, a dog likes to eat chicken, beef or pork. They prefer mostly warm and moist food. They also like dry foods. On the other hand, a cat loves to drink milk. It also likes to have fish. If you have a pet rabbit, its favourite food might be a carrot. For a rat, its favourite food might be cheese.

  3. What Is Your Pet’s Favourite Game?

    Animals like to play games all the time. They always want to engage in various activities for fun. Dogs and cats love to play with balls. Sometimes animals engage in play fighting also. You can write about your pet’s favourite game, whether it wants to go outside and play with other animals or it just wants to stay inside the house and play with you or paper balls or anything.

  4. How Do You Spend Time with Your Pet?

    People who love animals and have pets tend to spend a lot of time with them. They feed them, bathe them, take them for walk etc. When you have your favourite pet with you, you might also do these things. You can write down all the things you do to spend time with your pet.

Sample Topic: Pet Dog Essay

The dog makes a wonderful pet. They are very faithful and never disobey the owner. I have a pet dog and its name is Pluto. Pluto has been staying with us for the last 8 months. We found him in a park near our house. Someone might have abandoned him.
Pluto is three feet long. Its colour is white. It runs very fast. Pluto is very active and healthy. I always feed him healthy food. I give him meat, fish, rice, egg etc. But he loves to eat chicken. I always try to take good care of him.
Every day I wash him with soap and water and Pluto enjoys playing with water. He always wags his tail and licks my feet with joy when I return from school. Everyone in my family adores Pluto. But he has one bad habit. He always barks whenever a new person comes to our house but he never bites him or her.
Whenever I have free time, Pluto and I play with a ball. When I am sad, he cheers me up by licking my hand to show his love. Pluto is my best friend and I love him very much.

II. Preposition for Class 1


How Can You Use Position Words To Talk About Your Favourite Pet?


A position word indicates the position of a noun.


We found him in a park near our house.

III. Action Words for Class 1


How Does a Doing Word Help To Tell Us More About Your Favourite Pet?


A doing word is a word that indicates an action done by the noun.


  1. Every day I wash him with soap and water.
  2. When I have free time, Pluto and I play with a ball.

IV. Describing words


How Can You Describe Your Pet by Using Describing Words?


Describing words help us to describe our pets. A describing word adds more information about the animals.


  1. Pluto is extremely smart.
  2. He is incredibly reliable and obedient.

V. Try it yourself.

Write an essay on ‘Your Favourite Pet’.

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