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Snowy, My Favourite Pet

This topic will help students to draft an essay on my favourite pet using the points given below.

I. How to Write About Your Favourite Pet?

Name of the Pet and How Your Pet Looks?

Introduce your pet to the readers. Mention its name and how it looks in appearance and age. If you have a pet dog, you can mention its breed or its color, etc. This will give a visual in the mind of the readers and help them to connect with your essay.


What Activities Do You Do With Your Pet?

Describe in detail the activities that you do with your pets.


  Playing, feeding the pet with food, etc.

What Does It Eat?

Mention what food you pet loves. Give details on what is given to the pet. Is there any special food that it gets occasionally.


How Do Other Family Members Treat Your Pet?

You must have seen how others in the family show their love for the animal. You can describe the love and care it gets from each one of them. If someone is scared of your pet, you can also mention that. You can also mention if you celebrate your pet’s birthday.


What Does Your Pet Do All Day?

Narrate the activities that your pet does on a day. You can describe a day when you do not go to school.


Do You Take Your Pet When the Family Goes on a Holiday?

Do write about whether you take your pet along with you on trips. You can also mention about keeping your pet with a relative or a family friend while you all go out.


Sample of an Essay on My Favourite Pet

I wake up in the morning with the best cuddles from my pet dog Max. We adopted him when he was a few months old from a pet adoption centre. I got him as a gift on my eighth birthday. Max is a light chocolate Labrador. He is very soft and has a cute wagging tail.

I like to take care of my pet dog by giving him water, food and by playing with him. I take him out daily in the evening with my mother for some fresh air. We go to the park and let him run around and play with the ball. Max loves water too. We bathe him once a week with a dog shampoo. Once in a while we also take him to the vet, to get his nails and hair trimmed. We even take him with us for short one day trips in our car.


Usually we feed Max with rice, veggies daily. twice a week chicken also. He sleeps for 10 -12 hours a day. He gets newspaper for my dad from the door. He wakes me up in the morning. After I am back from school, I play with him and cuddle him too. He even plays with my baby brother. He guards him when he is sleeping and when others are busy with household activities.

We are unable to take him when we go for a week or more on a holiday. Max is then taken care of by our family friend. There he has his friend Jimmy; who is a black Labrador. They both have fun time as my friend Riya too love pets especially dogs.

Max is just like a family member. I love him because he is like my friend. He plays with me, make me feel safe, and love me as much as I love him. He is very special to me.


I. Simple Present Tense

Simple present tense is used to speak about facts and regular actions such as habits or routines. It is also used to speak about character traits, abilities, feelings, physical features , likes, preferences, dislikes that are true in the present time.


  1. How Will You Use Simple Present Tense To Introduce Your Favourite Pet?

  2. Answers:

    I have a pet cat. Her name is Bella. She is hardly two years old. She is brown in colour.


  3. How Will You Use Simple Present Tense To Describe the Habits of Your Pet?

  4. Answers:

    She sleeps for 12 hours a day. She usually eats cat food. But we also give her, rice and fish too.

II. Stretching Using Wh Words

A sentence can be expanded using when, where, why, who and how. This gives more information about a person or animal or a situation or an incident etc.


How Will You Stretch a Sentence Using ‘WH’ Words While Describing Your Favourite Pet?


When did it come to your home?
Where does your pet live?
What does it eat?
How does it behave ?
What care does it need

All this will be information regarding your favourite pet and will make your essay or informative and interesting.


My father had got Bella from one of our family friends. She was a kitten of two months old then.
It sleeps in my bedroom on its own cot.
I have heard my cat purr. My mom says that cats purr to communicate their emotion. It could be either they are happy or hungry or scared.

III. Verbs

A verb is a word that conveys an action or state of being.


  1. How To Use Verbs To Describe Your Favourite Pet?

  2. Answers:


    We had adopted this kitten from one of our family friends. I persuaded my father and finally he agreed.


  3. How To Use Verbs To Describe the Activities Done by Favourite Pet?

  4. Answers:

    You can also describe the activities your pet does on a typical day.


    She meows when she see new people and even to alert us.

    She sometimes chase mice.

    After me , she is close to my mother. When I am at school , she follows mom around the house.


  5. How To Use Verbs To Describe What Your Favourite Pets Loves To Do?

  6. Answer

    It's no secret that cats love to sleep and so does Bella. She loves to be groomed. Mom or I do brush her fur with a soft brush. She enjoys playing with squeaky toys.

IV. Adjectives

Adjectives are words that describe the particular quality of a noun.


  1. How To Use Adjectives To Describe Your Favourite Pet?

  2. Answers:

    I love these feline, cute and inquisitive creatures. Bella is so soft and cute. She is equally playful and loving too.

V. Try It Yourself

Write an account of your favourite pet.

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