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Space Travel

  • Space is a vacuum area without an atmosphere.
  • Since no air is present in space to scatter the sunlight, it appears black.
  • Planets and stars are located in space, and the distance between them is filled with gas and dust particles.
  • During the initial days, scientists trained animals for space travel, but later on, several human missions to space were successfully performed.
  • Rakesh Sharma, Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams made India proud by attending successful space missions.
  • Astronauts experience different challenges in space, like no gravity, no sound, eating only mashed food, frequent temperature variations etc.
  • You can read about Space travel in detail on this page.
Space Travel

What is Space Travel?

Question 1:

How does a rocket take off to go into space?


  • A rocket is a spacecraft or vehicle launched by a group of scientists as a part of space missions.
  • A rocket always moves in a projectile path to reach space.
  • The rocket moves when it gets a thrust from its engine.
  • A rocket has to travel 17600 miles per hour to reach the orbit of the Earth.
rocket take off

Question 2:

Describe the longest mission in space.


  • Valery Polyakov did the longest space mission.
  • He spent 437 days in space.
  • The mission he worked on started in January 1994 and continued up to March 1995.
  • He orbited the Earth almost 7000 times and did many research and medical experiments during his space travel.
Valery Polyakov

Question 3:

What is the function of radio waves in space?


  • There is no atmosphere in space; hence, sound waves cannot travel into space.
  • Astronauts use radio waves to communicate with each other in space.

Question 4:

What is a spacesuit?


  • A space suit is a type of clothing that astronauts use during space travel.
  • This suit helps astronauts to survive in extreme temperatures.
  • Space suits have small water tanks which store drinking water.
  • The head gears of space suits protect astronauts from sunlight and space dust.
  • All space suits are provided with backpacks. These hold oxygen gas for breathing.

Question 5:

What is a SAFER?


  • A SAFER is a space tool which is provided with space suits.
  • SAFER has many built-in thruster jets.
  • If an astronaut is floated away from the spaceship, SAFER helps the person to fly back.
spacesuit with SAFER

Question 6:

What are the differences between a rocket and a spacecraft?


The differences between a rocket and a rocket and a spacecraft are given below:

Rocket Spacecraft
1. Rockets are launched to take a spacecraft to space. 1. Spacecrafts are launched into space for several expeditions and experiments.
2. When a rocket launches a spacecraft into space, it falls back. 2. Spacecrafts never fall back on Earth except for accidents.
3. Rockets are unmanned vehicles. 3. A spacecraft can be manned or unmanned.
Rockets Spacecrafts

Question 7:

What is Apollo Mission?


  • The Apollo Mission is a human spacecraft programme conducted by NASA.
  • The most important part of this mission was sending astronauts to the Moon.
  • The mission was successfully executed when Apollo 11 took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the Moon, and eventually, they landed on the lunar surface.
Apollo Mission

Challenges in Space

Question 1:

What is NASA’s Deep Space Network?


  • Space is a vast vacuum zone without an atmosphere.
  • Deep Space Network is a worldwide network which has ground facilities in the United States (California), Spain (Madrid) and Australia (Canberra).
  • It is used as a GPS tracker during space travel and sends signals to unmanned spacecraft.
NASA’s Deep Space Network
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