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From this discussion, the students will study the tangram shapes, rules for the tangram puzzles, history of tangram. The puzzle game tangram will help the students relate to two-dimensional shapes.

What Is Tangram?

Tangram is a puzzle consisting of seven tans, which are polygons. Tans means seven flat shapes. These seven shapes are put together in this puzzle to form a different shape. The game’s main aim is to create a specific shape using all seven pieces.

tangram house

History of Tangram

It is believed that this game was invented in China and then carried over to other countries.

Tangram 7 Pieces

There are the following seven shapes used in Tangram –

  • 5 Triangles – The shape which has 3 sides.
    1. Two bigger identical size triangles – 1 and 2
    2. Two smaller identical size triangles – 3 and 4
    3. One right triangle – 5
    tangram shapes with 5 pieces
  • 1 square – The shape which has four sides of equal size.
  • tangram square
  • 1 parallelogram
  • – The shape with 4 sides and opposite sides is parallel. (Parallel – sides never meet each other.)
tangram images

How to Make Tangram?

  • Basic Rules of This Puzzle Game –
    1. To create any shape, we must use all 7 pieces.
    2. All the pieces must lay flat on the floor while creating shapes.
    3. Pieces must be in touch with each other, and none of the pieces may overlap while forming any shape.

Over 6,500 (six thousand five hundred) different tangram problems have been discovered from the 19th century.

For Example:

If we want to create House from tangrams, we can arrange all pieces as below –

tangram house

By using all pieces of tangrams, we can create various shapes such as:

  • Objects (House, car, pen, etc.)
  • Birds
  • Animals
  • Shapes (Square, rectangle, triangle, etc.)

Let’s solve some Tangram puzzles.

Two Dimensional Shapes

Question 1:

The Following Shapes Are Formed by Using All 7 Pieces of Tangrams. Identify Which Tangram Piece Is Placed Where. Write the Correct Number of the Piece in the Right Place and Colour It Accordingly.

Tangram Pieces –

easy tangram shapes with 7 pieces
  1. Triangle
  2. tangram 7 pieces
  3. Square
  4. tangram 7 pieces

Answer 1:

The numbers of the pieces are marked in pieces.

  1. Triangle
  2. tangram 7 pieces in colour
  3. Square
  4. tangram 7 pieces in colour

Question 2:

Observe the Following Square Below and Determine the Missing Colour in the Given Shapes. Write the Name and Colour of the Missing Shape.

tangram square in the colour
  1. tangram square in the colour = ……… The Colour ……… Shape Is Missing.

  2. tangram square in the colour = ……… The Colour ……… Shape Is Missing.

  3. tangram square in the colour = ……… The Colour ……… Shape Is Missing.

  4. tangram square in the colour = ……… The Colour ……… Shape Is Missing.

Answer 2:

Observing the given picture, the below answers are provided for the questions.

easy tangram shapes with 7 pieces
  1. tangram square = Purple colour parallelogram shape is missing.

  2. Vertical Bar Graph = Green colour triangle shape is missing.

  3. tangram square = Sky blue colour Square shape is missing.

  4. tangram square = Red and blue colour Triangle shape is missing.

Question 3:

Use All 7 Pieces of Tangram to Form the Below Picture. Make Sure the Pieces Do Not Overlap Each Other.

tangram boat

Answer 3:

All 7 pieces of tangram are used to form the picture, and the picture is given below.

tangram boat in colour

Question 4:

Count the Number of Shapes in the Following Picture.

tangram pictures with 7 pieces

Tringle = …………
Square = …………
Parallelogram = …………
Circle = …………

Answer 4:

Counting the numbers of the shapes from the picture, we get

tangram pictures with 7 pieces

Tringle = 20
Square = 4
Parallelogram = 4
Circle = 1

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