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Weight on Moon

In our daily life, we consider mass and weight as the same. But they are not the same. Here students will learn about the weight of objects on the moon, how to calculate the weight on the moon and the formula to calculate the weight on the moon. That also connects students with the mathematical concept of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Weight of an Object on the Moon:

Mass is the amount of matter in an object, whereas weight is the force exerted on an object of gravity.

Weight on Moon vs Earth:

Anyone could experience less weight on the moon than on the earth. If the weight of any person is 100 kg on the earth, then it will be 16 kg 5gm on the moon. Why is the object’s weight on the moon so much less than the weight on earth? This is because of low gravity on the moon. Any object on the Moon experience only 16.5% of the gravity they would experience on earth.

How to calculate the weight on the moon

The mass of anybody remains unchanged everywhere. So, the object's weight on Moon is one-sixth of the object's weight on Earth.

Formula to Calculate Weight on Moon:

weight in moon

The coolest thing is that if any person straps a pair of wings inside an air-filled dome on the moon, then they can fly around with their muscle power.

Number Operation:

Question 1:

The Teacher Asks Ram and Nisha to Calculate Their Total Weight on the Moon When Their Weight Is 10 kg and 8 kg, respectively.


Their total weight is
= 10 kg + 8 kg
= 18 kg
So, their total weight on the moon will be
= (18 ÷ 6) kg
= 3 kg

Question 2:

The Weight of a Basket of Apples Is 24 kg, and the Weight of a Cotton Bag is 18 kg. Find Their Weights on the Moon and Compare Which One Is Heavier There. Also, Find How Much Heavy It Is.


The weight of a basket of apples on the moon is
= (24kg ÷ 6)
= 4 kg
The weight of a bag of cotton on the moon is
= (18 kg ÷ 6)
= 3 kg
Hence, apple is heavier than cotton on the moon.
The weight difference is
= 4 kg – 3 kg
= 1 kg

Question 3:

The Weight of an Astronaut on the Moon Is 12 kg. Find the Weight of the Astronaut on the Earth.


The weight of the astronaut on earth is
= (12 × 6) kg
= 72 kg

Question 4:

The Weight of Any Object on Neptune Is 114 kg, While on Earth, the Weight of the Object Is 100 kg. Find the Difference in the Mass of the Object on the Different Planets.


Mass is constant for any object in any place.
The weight differs from one planet to another due to the change in
gravitational force. Hence, the difference in the mass is 0.

Question 5:

Gita’s Weight Is 12 kg, and Her Brother Weighs Double Her. What Will Be Their Total Weight on the Moon?


The weight of Gita’s brother is
= (12 × 2) kg
= 24 kg
Their total weight is
= 12 kg + 24 kg
= 36 kg
Their total weight on the moon will be
= 36 kg ÷ 6
= 6 kg

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