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Notice Writing to Inform the Students about Picnic

Students are often expected to read notices in their school bulletin about upcoming events. It is necessary for students to learn, how to write a notice. Today, students will get a chance to study the notice writing to inform the students about picnic along with the format. Students will know to use proper nouns and third person pronouns in notice writing.

I. What is Notice Writing?

Notice is a medium to convey formal communication for students of a school or college. It is used to convey a news item informing about an event, instructions, appeals, an announcement and other such information to students. It consists of factual details only.

Notice example
  1. Where is the Notice Displayed?
  2. The notice is displayed at schools, colleges, and commonplace billboards, which are accessible to the students. They are usually pinned up on the notice boards.

  3. How to Write a Notice?
  4. Since notice is a formal document, it must follow a structure.

    Notice writing format
  5. Notice Writing Format: Let us have a look at the elements of the format in detail.
    • Name of Authority Issuing notice: At the top, there must be the name of the organization that is issuing the notice. This will help the reader to identify.
    • Title: Mention the word ‘NOTICE’ in bold after the name of the authority to draw attention. Since they are posted in a public place or in newspapers, they must draw the reader’s attention.
    • Date: After the title, on the left-hand side, the date on which the notice has been published is mentioned. Since it is a formal document, the date is a major aspect of records.
    • Heading: Give a suitable heading to the notice. The heading gives a hint about the purpose of the notice.
    • Body: After the heading, the matter of the notice is written. It consists of the main purpose of the notice in precise. Depending on the notice, relevant event and occasion details. It must also contain information like date, venue or time if it is an event.
    • Writer’s Name At the end of the notice, mention the name and title of the notice-writer. The notice must be signed by the same person as it gives validity and authority.

Topics of a Notice

Some of the common topics for which notices are issued to students include:

  • Inter-school competition
    (sports/singing/drawing/drama/dance/spelling etc.)
  • Warning for students (disciplinary action if school discipline is not followed)
  • Annual function celebration
  • Annual Sports
  • Returning library books timely(Usually pinned on notice boards in libraries)
  • Lost and found Section (Students are informed about an item that was found.)

Sample Notice: Write a Notice for the School Board

Let us have a look at a sample of notice writing in English to inform students about annual school sports.

Orchids The International School


1st June, 2022

Annual Picnic

All the students are informed that the annual picnic of Orchids International School will be held on 15th June, 2022. It will be a visit to the Lodhi Garden, Delhi. Students who are interested to go, are requested to submit their names and Rs 50/- to their respective class teacher by the 13th of June, 2022.

The bus will start from school premises at 9 A.M and will drop students back to the school by 3pm.

Nirmala Deshpande

School Principal

II. Proper Noun

It is a noun that refers to a specific person with a name or thing, usually capitalized in English.


a) How to Use a Proper Noun in Notice Writing to Inform Students?


  • Proper Noun is used in the heading where the name of the issuing authority is mentioned.
  • It is used in the name of the concerned authority and designation.
  • It is also used to mention venue details for an event and contact person.

III. Third Person Pronouns

The third-person point of view belongs to the people or person being talked about. The third-person pronouns include him, he, his, she, himself, hers, her, herself, its, it, itself, them, they, theirs, their, and themselves.


How to Write in the Third Person While Writing a Notice to Inform Students?


First or second-person pronouns like I, we, my, ourselves, mine, myself, you, yours, your, yourself, and yourselves are not used. Only third-person pronouns are used.


Interested students are requested to submit their names with class and section to the undersigned.

IV. Interrogative Questions Used as Cues

Interrogative questions are made in a form using the basic questions to ask yourself when giving information. Words like when, where, what, how, etc. help to gather the information that is required to write a notice.


How to use the 5 Ws in notice writing to inform students?


A well-written notice must have the 5 Ws:

  • What is going to happen?
  • Where will the event take place?
  • When will the event take place?
  • Who can apply for it?
  • Whom to contact or apply to?

V. Try it Yourself

Write a notice informing students of an elocution contest in the school.

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