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Describe Yourself for class 3

Students of class 3 will learn to write an essay on how to describe themselves by following the below-mentioned points.

I. How to Describe Yourself?

If you want to present yourself in an elocution contest, attend school or college interviews before enrolling, or prepare for a job interview after finishing your schooling, it's important to be able to talk about yourself.

  1. How to Introduce Yourself?

    When talking about yourself in a class or elocution, give personal details like your name, the name of the school you attend, which class your study in and provide brief description of your family.

  2. Hobbies

    After introducing yourself speak about your hobbies. Talk about the activities you do in your free time. You can also include why you like those hobbies.

  3. Ambition

    Ambition is a desire to do or achieve something. If you have any thoughts about your dreams, aspiration, you can speak about them in your essay.

  4. Talk About Your Likes and Dislikes.

    Say about your favourite subject and why it is so. You can also mention your favourite teacher and the reason why she is your favorite. You can include details such as your favourite food, colour and so on.

    Not only about likes, you can also speak about what you don’t like.

  5. Qualities

    You can describe your general qualities for example, honest, helpful, etc. You can speak about the things you are good at.

  6. Your Friends

    You can mention who your close friends are, whether they are your class mates or playmates or cousins or sibling.


Let’s look at the below-mentioned points to write an essay on ‘describe yourself’ for class 3.

Sample on Describe Yourself

My name is Siddharth Arora. I am 8 years old and live in Nagpur, Maharashtra. My family consists of five members , my parents, my younger sister and my pet dog. My father’s name is Samved Arora and my mother’s name is Ritika Arora. My younger brother, Priya Arora is 5 years old. I study in Modern High School, Nagpur in class 3.

I study many subjects in my school and geography is my favourite subject. I also play many games with my friends. My best friend, Sooraj also studies in my class. We go to school together in the same school bus. In the evening, I play cricket or tag or any indoor games with my friends in the playground or inside my home.

I enjoy reading comic books and watching cartoons. During my free time I also draw my favourite cartoon characters. I love listening to stories from my parents. I love to go out with my family for movies or restaurants or visit friends or picnics or even holiday trips.

I love chocolates, ice-creams and mangoes. I hate the veggies that my mom feeds me every day. However, mom and dad always remind me the fruits and veggies I must have for good health, so I eat them.

I want to become a professor like my father.

II. Present Tense


How To Use Present Tense To Describe Yourself?


Since you are speaking about yourself in the present time, you must use the present tense.


My name is Ankush Deshmukh. I study in Loyola Secondary School.

III. Synonyms / Antonyms


How To Use Synonyms or Antonyms To Describe Yourself?


I love chocolates, ice-creams and mangoes. I hate the veggies that my mom feed me with.

IV. Verbs


How To Use Verbs To Describe Yourself?


You can use verbs while mentioning about likes or dislikes or hobbies.


I enjoy reading fantasy books.

V. Adjectives


How To Use Adjectives To Describe Yourself?


You can use certain adjectives while describing your qualities.


I am a friendly girl.

VI. Try It Yourself

Speak about yourself. Try it with your family members or amongst your friends.

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