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Writing a Skit

Skits are performed on several occasions for a school function or in the classroom presentation. Students are encouraged to write an English skit on their own to improve their imagination and creative writing skills. While writing a skit, students should learn to use verbs and present tense while writing.

I. How to Write a Skit?

  1. What is a Skit?
  2. A skit is a very short performance that is mostly meant for humour. A Skit is performed live in front of a small or large audience. Skits are often meant to focus on a particular situation or an event, unlike a play. Skits are meant to entertain or put across a point. It can be real-life or fictional.

  3. Where are Skits Performed?
  4. Skits are usually performed in schools, on campus, at programs in workplaces and small gatherings.

    What is a skit
  5. How to Develop a Skit?
  6. Here are a few things to consider before writing a skit:

    • Think of fun ideas.
    • Decide the length of your skit.
    • Decide what you want to convey with your skit. Do you want to convey a message or just make the viewers laugh? What tone would you like to set?
    • After you’ve decided what your skit should be about, start writing.
    1. Develop and brainstorm ideas
    2. Find inspiration for a skit by reading or watching fun videos or movies or observing around. Your skit must have a clear idea, as that is what will make it original. Focus on the scenarios that you find humorous. Thereafter, jot down all interesting thoughts.

    3. Outline a beginning, middle, and an end
    4. Even if it is a small skit, it must have a beginning, middle and end. Thus, when you are writing your skit, you must determine these three parts and divide them accordingly. Since the skits are funny in nature, your introduction could be a normal, ordinary situation. The middle part will include something that happens, not as per the norm. The conclusion must have a proper resolution or ending.

    5. Write draft
    6. There are some rules for writing skits. No matter what topic you make a skit, see to it that it is easy to follow. First, write it roughly.

      Writing a Skit

      Don’t try to make it perfect on the first attempt. Just get a general draft. In the middle part, build the action.

    7. Keep it short
    8. Keep the skit short because you can lose the humour element if it is made too long.

    9. Graphic organizer to write a skit
    10. English Skit
  7. Sample Skit
  8. Stop It! (Title)

    There’s a bully in the school, Udit. Naveen has planned something to stop him and his bullying.


    • Naveen is played by a small, young kid.
    • Bully, played by a kid who looks bigger.
    • Other kids


    It is lunch break. Some kids are eating, and some are playing. The Bully, Udit, enters. He is surrounded by some other kids, also. He boasts loudly about himself, grabs a kid’s lunch box, pushes another kid to the ground and kicks a ball far away. Udit starts to irritate Naveen, calling him names like “coward.” The other kids join in.


    Naveen stands straight and does not respond to Udit. This makes Udit go mad, and he shouts. Finally, Udit says, “I’m going to hit you!” Naveen says, “You can do that, but I won’t hit you back. You choose to hit those who are smaller than you. If you hit me, you will be dismissed, not me.”

    Naveen manages to go behind Udit. Naveen grabs him around the waist and stands strong. Udit tries to shake him off, but cannot do so. The other kids start laughing.


    Naveen suddenly removes his hand, and Udit falls to the ground. Everybody laughs at Udit. Naveen tells him right to his face, “I think you will not bully anybody again!”

    Writing a Skit

II. Verbs

Question :

How to Use Verbs While Writing Skit?


Verbs are words that indicate an action (sing), state of being or occurrence (develop).


He boasts loudly about himself, grabs a kid’s lunch box, pushes another kid to the ground and kicks a ball far away.

III. The Present Tense

Question :

How to Write a Skit in the Present Tense?


Writing in the present tense makes it feel as if the events are happening in real-time. Since it is a skit, it must be written mostly in the present tense.

IV. Try It Yourself

Try writing a skit based on a real-life experience or a fictional one.

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