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Your Favourite Game Essay

Descriptive writing in the essay topic ‘Your Favourite Game’ helps students express themselves. This helps boost the student’s knowledge of the sport and also helps to improve their spoken skills as well. Important facts and opinions can be included in your essay about your favourite game.

I. How to Write About Your Favourite Game?

It is very important to play, be it indoor or outdoor games. Playing keeps your mind and body active. It helps to bring in team spirit and improves concentration. Let us have a look at the points you can include in your essay.

  1. Which is Your Favourite Game?
  2. Describe what games you play, when you play and with whom you play. You could mention both indoor and outdoor games. You could also write about which games you prefer to play. Mention the games you have to play with your friends. Among all the games that you play or have played, you focus on the most favourite game. Describe why that game or sport is the most favourite among all.

  3. How You Developed Interest in the Game?
  4. Narrate how you developed an interest in the game. You can write if anybody in your family or school helped to develop your interest in the game.

  5. About the Game
  6. You can describe the team members and the equipment required to play the game.

  7. Do You Practice it?
  8. Mention whether you go for any coaching related to the game or practice it with your friends or family members or in school. You could also write whether you are part of any specific sports club.

  9. How Do You Follow Your Favourite Game?
  10. Here you can speak about whether you follow the game regularly. It includes watching the matches on Television or live when it takes place in your city.

  11. Favourite Sportsperson Playing That Game
  12. Use these questions as clues to include about the sportsperson in the essay.

    • Do you follow any sportsperson of your favourite sport?
    • What do you like about them?
    • Do you read news related to them?
    • Do you watch their interviews?

Sample Topic: Describe Your Favourite Game

Your Favourite Game Essay

I enjoy playing with my friends and family members. I like to play both indoor and outdoor games.

During the school lunch break, I quickly have my food, and I spend more time playing with my classmates. After returning from school, I spend at least half to one hour of time playing. During weekends I love to play indoor games like snake and ladder, Ludo and sometimes chess with my parents. I love to race with my friends, play badminton, and hide and seek.

Name your favourite board game

Amongst all the games I play, badminton is my favourite game. I often play badminton with my friends Riya and Rohan. It makes me feel very active.

Your Favourite Game Essay

It does not require many players. With just two people I can play badminton. In order to play the game, the following items are required: racket and shuttlecock.

However, if you want to play in a competition, then the following are a must: racket, shuttlecock, shoes, net, sports clothes, socks, and badminton court.

I do watch some badminton matches of P.V.Sindhu and Saina Nehwal. Sometimes I go with my father to see him play with his friends in the club. There he plays on the net wearing sports clothes and shoes. Since my father follows the game closely, I, too, sit with him when he is watching an interview with sports personalities who play this game.

Seeing my interest in the game, my father has promised to join a badminton coaching center next year.

II. Nouns

A noun is a word that refers to a thing or a person or an animal or a place or an idea, or an action.


a) How can you use common Nouns to describe your favourite game?


The name of your favourite game is a common noun. In fact, mentioning all the games that you play are common nouns.


b) How Can You Use Proper Nouns to Describe Your Favourite Game?


Your favourite sports personalities are all proper nouns. If you have mentioned with whom you play games, for instance, the names of your friends, then they are proper nouns.

III. Fact & Opinion

A fact is a proven statement. An opinion is a personal feeling or belief or a judgment about anything.


a) How Do You Use Facts to Describe Your Favourite Game?


The facts must include the basics of the game. For example, the things required to play the game and the number of players.


b) How Do You Use Your Opinion to Describe Your Favourite Game?


Most parts of the essay on your favourite game will include your opinion. It will include how much you like the game, what you like about it and so on.

IV. Try it yourself

Write an essay on your favourite game or write your favourite game paragraph in about a hundred words.

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