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Places in Our Neighbourhood for Class 1 EVS

The areas around our house and the people living there comprise our neighbourhood.
People and places in the neighbourhood help us avail things and make life comfortable and easy.
This concept will introduce the learners to various places in their surroundings.

After reading the concept, students will be able to:

  • Define what is neighbourhood.
  • Enlist some common places in the neighbourhood like—
    • Playground
    • Bus stop
    • Place of worship

Each concept is explained to class 1 students using examples, illustrations, and concept maps. After you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the end of the page.
Download the worksheets and check your answers with the Places in our neighbourhood worksheet solutions for the concept Types and parts of plants provided in PDF format.

What Is Neighbourhood?

  • The places surrounding our house and the people living around us constitute our neighbourhood.
  • People who live near our homes or across the street are our neighbours.

Places in Our Neighbourhood:

1.Playground and Park:

  • A park is an open ground with many trees, small ponds, and tracks for running and walking.
  • Playgrounds are separate areas for playing sports like cricket, tennis, and football.
  • These also have several rides like see-saws, swings, and slides.

2. School:

  • We go to school to read, learn and write.
  • Our teachers teach us different subjects.
  • We share our tiffin and play with our friends at school.
  • Our teachers make us do activities like reading, shape hunting, story reading, collage making, etc.

3.Police Station:

  • People go to police stations to complain about theft, robbery, and accidents.
  • Police officers work day and night to maintain the safety of the neighbourhood.
Neighbourhood_Police station

4. Hospital:

  • We go to the hospitals for health check-ups and consult doctors when we fall ill.
  • After accidents, patients are taken to the hospitals for treatments.
  • People get their surgeries done in the hospital.

5. Market:

  • A market has many shops selling different things.
  • We go to the market to buy our daily needs like groceries, medicines, fish, vegetables, shoes, dresses, etc.

6.Bus Stop:

  • It is a place where the buses stop to pick up and drop passengers.
Neighbourhood_Bus stop

7. Bank:

  • We keep our saved money in the bank.
  • We can also safely put our valuable things like jewellery and important documents in the bank.
  • One can also take loans from a bank.

8.Post Office:

  • One can buy postcards, envelopes, and stamps from a post office.
  • We post letters in a post box; the postman collects them and delivers them to the correct addresses.
  • We also send our parcels through a post office.
Neighbourhood_Post office

9.Railway Station:

  • We board trains from the railway stations.
  • They have many platforms.
  • We can see many tea stalls, snacks shops, books, and newspaper stalls in a railway station.
  • We buy train tickets from the ticket counters in the stations.
Neighbourhood_Railway station

10. Restaurant:

  • We go to the restaurant to eat delicious food.
  • The chefs cook various dishes for us, and the servers serve them.

11.School Library:

  • We go to the library to read and borrow books and magazines.
  • Neighbourhood_Library

12.Fire Station:

  • In a fire station, there are firefighters, fire engines, and other necessary equipment required to put out a fire.
  • Neighbourhood_Fire station

13.Place of Worship:

  • People go to these places to worship and pray.
 place of worship

New Words:

Robbery: The crime of stealing someone's belongings forcefully.

Groceries: Food and household supplies.

Loan: A sum of money that a person borrows from a bank.

Did You Know?

  • We can withdraw or deposit money through ATM machines in our neighbourhood.
  • Introduction of atm
  • Every neighbourhood has a garbage dumping ground, or separate litter bins where all the garbage collected is sorted and dumped.
  • Waste management
Neighbourhood_what is neighbourhood
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