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Concept: Can I Name Them?

What is a Noun?

A noun is a naming word. It names a person, place, a thing or an animal.

Examples :

Nature-1 Nature-1 Nature-1 Nature-1
Doctor Ape Park Bag

What is a Common Noun?

A common nounis a type of noun or naming word. It refers to common names of general objects, places, people, animals etc. The names given to the people are not specific.

  • Name of a place – state, city, school, park, etc.
  • Name of a person – boy, girl, teacher, farmer, etc.
  • Name of an animal – cat, dog, elephant, spider, etc.
  • Name of an object – car, mango, chair, blackboard, etc.

Examples :


Sentence 1 : The dog was barking at the man.

Sentence 2 : Monu was barking at Raj.

  • In sentence 1, the names ‘dog’ & ‘man’ are common nouns because the names are not specific.
  • In sentence 2, the name ‘Monu’ is a specific name of the dog and ‘Raj’ is a specific name of the man. Hence, they are not common nouns.

The girls are playing at the beach.

In the above picture, we can see the girls playing and enjoying at the beach. We are talking about people who don’t have any specific names. The word ‘girls’ refers generally to any girl since we do not know the proper name of the girls at the beach. Therefore, the naming word ‘girls’ is a common noun.

Common Mistake:

Common nouns are not capitalized in a sentence. You must only capitalize it when they are placed at the beginning of a sentence.

Examples :

❌ The Man was walking Home from the Station.

✔ The man was walking home from the station.

Monkeys eat bananas.


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