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Usage of inside outside above below for class 1 English

Position words are used in front of a noun, pronoun to indicate time, place, location, direction, etc. In this learning concept, the topic has been precisely elaborated with the definition of position words, the example of position words. Moreover, students are made aware of the potential errors and exceptions that might occur when using them. To understand better, take a look at the position word concept.

The students will also gain knowledge of the following key points associated with this concept:

  • List of position words.
  • The different position words in English
  • The position words sentences

Each concept is explained to class 1 English students using illustrations, examples, and mind maps. You can assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the end of the page.

Download the position words worksheet for class 1 and check the solutions provided in PDF format.

What is a position word?

  • Position words talk about a noun's position in relation to another noun. These words are calles prepositions.
  • Inside outside above below are the commonly used position words.

Let’s look at a few commonly used position words.

Position words


Position words in a sentence

In both the examples, the position words ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ to describe the position of the nouns (man).

a) Use of ‘inside’:

  • The position word ‘Inside’ is used to show the location of a noun.
  • It is used to talk about a noun that is residing within a closed boundary or located in the interior of something.


Position words examples

The dog is staying within the closed space of the kennel. Therefore, we used ‘inside’ to indicate its position.

a) Use of ‘outside’:

  • Outside is also used to express location with respect to another thing.
  • We use ‘outside’ to talk about a noun that is residing on an external side or surface of something.


Outside example

The girl is not in the car. She is standing near the side of the car. The position word to be used here is ‘outside’ as it talks about her position.

c) Use of ‘below’:

The position word ‘below’ indicates the position to some way lower than something else.


Use of below example

The ball is not at the same level as the sofa. It is under (at the lower level) the sofa. The position word ‘below’ describes the position of the ball.

d) Use of ‘above’:

The position word ‘above’ means ‘is above something else’. We use this word to refer to an object that is at a higher level than something.


Use above in a sentence

The clock is at a higher level than the sofa. The position word ‘above’ refers to the position of the clock.

Common Mistake:

Don’t place position words after the nouns or pronouns. They will always come before the noun or pronouns.


  • He rented a room above the garage.
  • He rented a room the garage above.
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