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Picture Comprehension

Concept: Frame Sentences on the picture


  • A picture composition requires the writer to observe the picture or set of pictures carefully and describe it in the form of a story.
  • Questions for picture composition could have a picture and a few word clues. The student is expected to frame a meaningful sentence using them.
  1. Boy

    In the above example, we can see a picture and two-word clues.

    Let’s try to frame a meaningful sentence with them.

    Sentence:Cow gives us milk.

  2. Observe the given picture carefully and frame a sentence with the word clues.

    Sentence: The students are reading in the classroom.

How to make a sentence from a picture?

  • Carefully observe the picture and the word clues.
  • Ask questions to yourself and find those answers.
  • Look at the characters present in the picture and notice what action they are performing.
  • Observe the background or setting of the picture.
  • Arrange the observations as points in a logical order. Write simple, meaningful sentences to form a composition.



Observe the picture carefully and gather the information from the picture.

Character- One man

Action- waiting for the bus

Background /setting- bus-stop

Sentence:A man is waiting for a bus at the bus stop.

Common Mistakes:

  • Observe the picture carefully, and don’t miss out on any clues. It helps you to frame a sentence.
  • A sentence has to be related to the picture. Don’t use words that are not relevant.
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