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Concept: Negative Contraction


  1. A contraction contains two words that have been combined to form one word. The meaning of the words ‘contract’ is ‘to make smaller’.
  2. All contractions must have an apostrophe (‘) followed by the letter ‘s’ to indicate that some letters have been omitted or taken out.
  3. We use contractions every day when we speak and when we write.


  • The word (She’s) is the contraction form of the words ‘she is’.
  • We have taken out the letter ‘i’ from the word is.
  • We replaced the missing word with an apostrophe followed by the letter‘s’. The newly formed word will end with (‘s).

Types of Contractions

Contractionscan be easier understood when we learn about the types of contractions. Contractions are said to be divided into positive and negative contractions.


In this lesson, we will talk about only negative contraction.

Negative contractions

  • Negative contractions are the words that end with n’t.
  • We use the negative contraction when we want to use‘not’in a sentence.



Both the sentences express negative ideas.


List of Contractions

Let’s look at the list of contractions we use every day.

No. Words Contractions
1 Will not Won't
2 Can not Can't
3 Has not Hasn't
4 Have not Haven't
5 Do not Don't
6 Does not Doesn't
7 Did not Didn't
8 Would not Wouldn't
9 Is not Isn't
10 Are not Aren't
11 Am not Ain't
12 Was not Wasn't
13 Were not Weren't
14 Shall not shan't
15 Should not shouldn't
Sentences without Contractions Sentences with Contractions
a) We should not eat unhealthy food. We shouldn’t eat unhealthy food.
b) They are not going to school today. b) They aren't going to school today.
c) Hitesh does not have a car. Hitesh doesn’t have a car.
d) I have not done my homework. I haven’t done my homework.

Common Mistake:

Always be careful with where you are placing the apostrophe; otherwise, the meaning will be something different, or it will be an incorrect statement.


  • I’m swimming.
  • I a’m swimming.
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