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Picture Comprehension

Concept: Read a picture


  • Picture comprehension requires students to carefully observe the picture, find interesting details, and answer questions related to it.
  • Picture comprehension helps students to get ready for reading comprehension.



Q. Observe the picture and answer the following questions.

  • What does the picture depict?

Answer:The picture is depicting a scene in a restaurant.

  1. Can you write any one similarity between the waitresses?
  2. Answer:All the waitresses are wearing blue uniforms.

  3. What is the cook doing?
  4. Answer:The cook is cutting vegetables and preparing food.

  5. How many customers are there in the restaurant?
  6. Answer:There are total of 7 customers in the restaurant.

How to Read a Picture?

Look at the picture below and notice the key-points you need to focus on when reading the picture.

  1. Which place can be seen in the picture?
  2. Observe the picture to see the area it shows. The surrounding of a picture always gives hints as to location of the picture.


    The place in the picture is a garden.

  3. Characters in the picture
  4. There will always be a few characters in a picture. You can mention the number of the characters seen in the picture. Use words like man, woman, girl, boy, etc. to name the characters in the picture.


    There are five people in the garden.

  5. What action each character does?
  6. Each character will be performing an action. You need to identify which character does the action and specify the details about the character while mentioning this action.


    1. A man is harvesting carrots.
    2. A girl is gathering soil in a container.
    3. A boy is planting a sapling.
  7. Mention other things observed in the picture There may be many items apart from the characters observed in the picture. Specify information about those items like name them and give a number of the quantity of things seen in a picture. For example, words like table, tree, chair, etc.
  8. Examples:

    1. There are four potted plants in the garden.
    2. There is a shovel in the soil.

Common Mistake:

Before you give the answers, read the questions attentively. Don’t add unnecessary information unless asked.




Can you identify the place in the picture?


  • Yes. This is a picture of a farm.
  • Yes. This is a picture of a farm. There are 6 animals in the picture.

Look at the mind map to have a better understanding of the concept.

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