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Descriptive Writing

Concept: Rebus Reading and Writing


  • A rebus reading and writing use pictures or symbols in place of words to communicate certain words through the sound they produce.
  • The meanings of the pictures aren’t necessary to be relevant all the time. It is the sound of the image that represents the word.
  • Rebus reading and writing help students to explore different words from pictures.
  • It also improves the reading skills of students.
  • It helps students to build sentences.


  1. Boy

    The first step is to guess the word by looking at the picture.

    In the above example the words are: Pig + Kite

    First, we subtracted ‘g’ from the word ‘pig’ and the remaining letters are ‘pi’.

    Second, we omit ‘e’ from the word ‘kite and the remaining letters are ‘e’.

    After that, we will add ‘pi’ and ‘e’ to get the meaningful word.

    The images used in the above example are not at all relevant but the sound or the letters of the words helped to form a meaningful word. This is called rebus reading and writing.

  2. Let’s look at the story below and observe how we use images instead of words.
  3. Boy


    Today is my birthday. My mother baked a cake for me and my father decorated the house with balloons. All my friends came to my party.

    They all bought gifts for me. My parents served everyone tasty snacks and slices of cake. My favorite gift was a bike that my aunt gifted me.

    In the above example, we just use images in the place of words. Students have to look at the picture and guess the correct words.

Rules for rebus reading and writing:

  • Look at the images carefully and pronounce the correct sound of each letter to build a word.
  • Guess the correct word from the picture.
  • Sometimes decoding a picture or a symbol is difficult. In such cases, read the sentences thoroughly to understand which word will be appropriate for the sentence.

Common mistake:

Don’t miss out on any hints that will be given in the sentences or the images. Otherwise, the word will be different and the meaning of the entire sentence will be changed.

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