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Concept: The Secret to Using 'are'


  • The word ‘are’ is an auxiliary or a helping verb that is used with a main verb to build a sentence.
  • It is also used to show the action happening in the present.
  • It is used with only plural nouns and plural pronouns like you, they, we, etc.
  • The auxiliary verb ‘are’ can also be called a ‘be-verb’.


  1. We are playing hockey.
  2. They are my students.
  3. You are doing a wonderful job.
  4. Ravi and his pet are walking in the park.

a) More Than One Person:

example of are(more than one person)

We used ‘are’ in the above sentence because the speaker is talking about more than one person.

b) More Than One Animal:

example of are(more than one animal)
  • In the sentence, we used the auxiliary be-verb ‘are’ to talk about more than one cat.
  • The action (playing) is also taking place in the present.
  • The auxiliary verb ‘are’ is used with the main action word ‘playing’ to build a sentence.

c) More Than One Place:

example of are(more than one place)

In the above example, the speaker is describing more than one place. Therefore, we used ‘are’ to talk about plural nouns.

d) More Than One Object:

example of are(more than one object)
  • In the above sentence, the auxiliary verb ‘are’ is used to speak about more than one fruit.
  • We used ‘are’ because the speaker is talking about the fruits that he is eating in the present.

Common Mistakes:

1. Don’t use ‘are’ with singular pronouns like I, he, she, it. Always use ‘am’ with I and ‘is’ with he, she, it.


  • He is a doctor.
  • He are a doctor.
  • I am a student.
  • I are a student.

2. Don’t use ‘are’ if you are talking about pairs because one pair can’t be considered a plural noun. Instead, one pair is considered as one unit or thing; hence ‘a’ is used with the words ‘pair of’.


  • A pair of gloves is on the table.
  • A pair of gloves are on the table.


Always use ‘are’ with ‘you’ even if the pronoun is describing a singular person.


  • You are a very smart girl.
  • You is a very smart girl.
mind map of use of are
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