Use 'and' the Right Way - Conjunctions | Learning Concepts
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Concept: Use 'and' the Right Way


  • Conjunctions or connecting words, join words or a group of words or short sentences together.
  • Always add a comma (,) after conjunctions in a sentence.
  • ‘And’, ‘but’, and ‘or’ are examples of conjunctions.
  • Always use a comma before these conjunctions.


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The words ‘and’, ‘but’, and ‘or’ are conjunctions that join a group of words or short sentences.

In this lesson, we will talk about the use of ‘and’.

Use of 'and':

  1. The conjunction ‘and’ is also known a coordinating conjunctions because it is used to join two sentences expressing similar ideas. It is used to add more information about someone or something.


    • We combined these two sentences with the help of the conjunction ‘and’ instead of repeating the sentence again.
    • With the help of conjunction, we have added more information about the boy, for he is ‘kind and honest’.
  2. The coordinating conjunction adds two sentences. Here, both the sentences express a complete thought. Each sentence can be a sentence on its own.



    Here, ‘I ate an apple for breakfast’ and ‘I ate a pie for breakfast’ both the sentences express a complete thought. Both these sentences speak about ‘I’ eating something for breakfast. Hence ‘I’ and ‘breakfast’ is used only once.

Common Mistake:

Don’t forget to use ‘and’ when you are talking or writing about more than one person, animal, place, and thing or when you are connecting more than one sentence expressing similar ideas.


  • Ravi went shopping and bought an umbrella.
  • Ravi went shopping bought an umbrella.
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