Pronouns I and Me Grade 1 English Learning Concepts Orchids
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Concept: Use the correct word ‘I’ & ‘me’


  • A pronoun is a word that can replace a noun.
  • It is used to take the place of a noun that has already been mentioned earlier in a sentence.
  • A pronoun can indicate both singular and plural nouns.
  • ‘I’ and ‘me’ are singular pronouns.


Use of I and me

In the above examples, we haven’t used the naming words or nouns. This is because the pronouns ‘I’ and ‘me’ have replaced the naming words.

Though ‘I’ and ‘me’ both are pronouns, they have different usages.

Let’s see how to use them in a sentence.

Uses of ‘I’:

  1. ‘I’ is used to talk about the person who is doing the action. We use ‘I’ when we talk about ourselves only.
  2. ‘I’ usually is placed before the action words.
  3. ‘I’ denotes only a singular person.


Use of I
  • In this example, the speaker is describing what she is doing.
  • The pronoun ‘I’ shows a singular person.
  • The pronoun ‘I’ sits before the doing word ‘playing’.
  • This pronoun is always used when ‘I’ is doing an action.
Use of I
  • In the above sentence, the speaker is talking about her puppies.
  • The pronoun ‘I’ refers to one person.

Uses of ‘me’:

  1. ‘Me’ is also a pronoun. We use this pronoun to talk about ourselves.
  2. ‘Me’ usually is placed after doing words.
  3. This is also used to talk about a singular person.
  4. It is used when ‘I’ is the receiver of the action, then ‘me’ is used.


Use of me
  • The speaker didn’t take her name. Instead, she used the pronoun ‘me’.
  • ‘Me’ sits right after the action word ‘bought’.
  • The pronoun ‘Me’ is used to talk about a singular person.

Common Mistake:

1. ‘I’ can’t be used at the end of a sentence. It usually sits at the beginning of a sentence.


I love reading books.

Me love reading books.

2. On the other hand, ‘me’ is always used at the end of a sentence. It can’t sit at the beginning of a sentence.


They gave me a pen.

They gave I a pen.

mind map_Use of I and me
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