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Concept: Use the Words ‘My’ & ‘Mine’


  • Pronouns are words used in a sentence instead of a noun
  • We use pronouns to talk about a noun that has already been mentioned in a sentence. Words like I, he, she, him, it etc. are all pronouns.
  • Words like ‘My’ and ‘mine’ are also pronouns.

In this lesson, we will learn when to use ‘my’ and ‘mine’.

a) Use of ‘my’

  • The pronoun ‘my’ tells us about the noun. It shows possession or ownership of the noun. It describes something that belongs to the speaker.
  • The pronoun ‘my’ can be used for both singular and plural nouns.
  • The word ‘My’ usually is placed before a noun.



In the above examples, the speaker is talking about the cycle and the car. The words ‘Cycle’ and ‘car are nouns that belongs to the speaker. To show the possession or ownership we used the pronoun ‘my’ before the nouns. In these examples, the pronoun ‘my’ refers to a singular object.


In the first example, the girl is talking about the toys belonging to her. In the second example, the speaker is talking about the pencils belonging to him or her. Both ‘toys’ and ‘pencils’ are plural nouns and my sits before them.

b) Use of ‘mine’

  • The pronoun ‘mine’ is used in the place of a noun to show possession or ownership.
  • We use the pronoun ‘mine’ to avoid repetition.
  • ‘Mine’ can replace both singular and plural nouns in a sentence.
  • Mine’ usually comes at the end of a sentence.



Here, the girl is showing the books that belong to herself. Instead of mentioning her name, we used the pronoun ‘mine’ to show the ownership. It comes at the end of the sentence.

Common mistakes

  1. Don’t start a sentence with the pronoun ‘mine’.
    But we can start a sentence with ‘my’.


    My pen is in your bag.

    Mine pen is in your bag.

  2. Mine’ can’t be followed by a noun.
    My’ is always followed by a noun.


    I love my dog.

    I love mine dog.


Look at the mind map to better understand the topic.

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