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Concept: When to Use 'or'?


  • Conjunctions are words used to join a group of words or sentences.
  • Conjunctions can join words that can be naming words, action words, or describing words.
  • We can express similar or opposite ideas in a sentence by using conjunctions.
  • An example of conjunction is ‘or’.



We have joined two sentences or words with the help of the conjunction ‘or’.

Use of ‘or’:

1. We use ‘or’ to indicate a choice between two or more options. We use it to suggest that only one possibility can take place.



In the above sentence, two options have been given where only one possibility can happen. The person can either drink a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Therefore, we used ‘or’ to connect the two choices.


The girl will choose only one between two options (hotdog or ice-cream). So we used ‘or’ to suggest that the girl will buy only one thing.

Common Mistake:

Don’t forget to add a comma before the conjunction ‘or’ when it is used to join two independent sentences.


  • We should watch a movie, or we should play outside.
  • We should watch a movie or we should play outside.
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