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Position Words

Concept: Where is My Place?


Words that describe where a noun are called position words. It tells us where a person, place, animal, or thing is. It also shows the relation of the noun with other parts of the sentence.

Few examples of prepositions:


a) Use of ‘on’:

The word ‘on’ is used to show that the noun is placed on top of something.



The word ‘laptop’ is a noun.
The preposition ‘on’ tells us where the noun is placed.

b) Use of ‘in’:

When the nouns is placed inside another thing is when we use the word ‘in’


The preposition ‘in’ refers to the position of the noun (fruits).

c) Use of ‘under’:

The word ‘under’ is used in reference to another object to show that something or someone is below an object.


Here, ‘under’ shows where the zebra is standing. It helps us to describe the place where the noun is.

d) Use of ‘down’:


The position word ‘down’ indicates in which direction the boy is moving.

e) Use of ‘up’:


In this example, ‘up’ shows the direction of the lady going upward.

f) Use of ‘near’:


The word ‘near’ is a position word because it indicates the position of the house.

Common Mistake:

Don’t put a position word after the noun. It is always placed before anoun.



The apple is on the table.

The apple is the table on.

Look at the mind map to understand the position words better.

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