How do you compare Big and Small? - Learning concept Maths
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Big and Small Concept for Class 1 Maths

The student will clearly understand the big and small concepts and misconceptions related to this.

Also, they will identify

  • Bigger and smaller things among two or more things,
  • Biggest and smallest things among two or more things

Each concept is explained to class 1 maths students with examples and illustrations, and a concept map is given to summarize the idea. At the end of the page, two printable worksheets with solutions are attached for students to practice.

Big and Small Concept

We use the words big, and small to express the sizes of objects.


water bottle

Look at the bottles in the given picture. Here, the yellow bottle is small and the blue bottle is big.

  • By observing the size of an object, we can say it is big or small.
  • We do not use the words big or small for comparing the sizes of objects.
  • We cannot say the yellow bottle is small than the blue bottle in the above example.
  • For comparing the sizes, we use the words; bigger, smaller, biggest, smallest.

Bigger and Smaller

‘Bigger or Smaller’ is used when we compare two objects based on their sizes.


lion cartoon images

In the given picture, the lion is bigger than the rabbit. The rabbit is smaller than the lion.

Biggest and Smallest Things

‘Biggest and Smallest’ is used when we compare three or more based on their size.


paper gift bags

In the given picture, the green bag is the biggest and the pink bag is the smallest among all the given bags.


snoop dogg images

In the given picture, the boy thinks that the dog is bigger than the house. Is it true? No. Why the house is looking smaller than the dog? Think about it.

The house is far away from the boy and the dog is near to him. So, the house is looking smaller than the dog.

Sometimes, to compare objects, they must be at equal distance from us.

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