Day and Night Concept | Grade 1 Maths | Learning Concepts
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Day – Night

Let’s understand the Day-time and Night-time.

G1_1_Day-Night_Sky colour
  • Daytime is when we can see the sunlight or feel its heat. When we don’t feel any such things, it's night-time.
  • The sun seems to move across the sky, starting from the east in the morning and moving towards the west at night.
  • The Sun rises in the East, and it sets in the West.

We consider one day as 24 hours. Based on time, we can divide a day into four parts.

  1. Morning
  2. Afternoon
  3. Evening
  4. Night


The early part of the day when the sun rises.

  • Morning time is best for exercise and study.
  • Early morning sunrays are good for the growth of the body. They consist of vitamin D.
G1_4_Day-Night_Morning activities


The part of the day from midday to the time of the sunset.

  • 12:00 PM is called ‘Noon-time’.
  • After the noon-time, 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM timing is called Afternoon.
G1_6_Day-Night_Afternoon activities


The part of the day from the sunset to the time to go to bed.

G1_8_Day-Night_Evening activities


The part of the day when it is dark in the sky and most of the people sleep at this time.

G1_9_Day-Night_G1_10_Day-Night_Night activities
G1_12_Day-Night_New words
G1_11a_Day-Night_Did you know
G1_11b_Day-Night_Did you know
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