Day and Night Concept | Grade 1 Maths | Learning Concepts
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Day and Night for Class 1 Maths

This learning concept deals with one of the most fundamental concepts of time – day and night. The student will learn about the duration of day and night here.

Also, from this learning concept, students will learn to

  • Identify the morning time
  • Identify the afternoon time in India
  • Identify the evening times
  • Identify the night-time in India

Each concept is explained to class 1 maths students with examples, illustrations and a mind map. Two printable worksheets with solutions of day and night are attached at the end of the page for the students to practice. Download the worksheet to test your knowledge.

Let’s understand the Day-time and Night-time.

day and night drawing
  • Daytime is when we can see the sunlight or feel its heat. When we don’t feel any such things, it's night-time.
  • The sun seems to move across the sky, starting from the east in the morning and moving towards the west at night.
  • The Sun rises in the East, and it sets in the West.
sunrise to sunset images

We consider one day as 24 hours. Based on time, we can divide a day into four parts.

  1. Morning
  2. Afternoon
  3. Evening
  4. Night

Morning Time

The early part of the day when the sun rises.

morning activities
  • Morning time is best for exercise and study.
  • Early morning sunrays are good for the growth of the body. They consist of vitamin D.
morning activities

Afternoon Time in India

The part of the day from midday to the time of the sunset.

afternoon activities
  • 12:00 PM is called ‘Noon-time’.
  • After the noon-time, 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM timing is called Afternoon.
afternoon activities

Evening Times

The part of the day from the sunset to the time to go to bed.

evening activities
evening activities

evening activities

Night Time in India

The part of the day when it is dark in the sky and most of the people sleep at this time.

Night activities
Night activities
New words
Did you know
mind map
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